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Review - Gravity

Director: Alfonso Cuaron

Writer: Alfonso Cuaron, Jonas Cuaron 

Stars: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris, Phaldut Sharma

Best Part: The spectacular visuals 

Worst Part: The hokey comedic moments… 14 more words


Alfonso Cuarón's "Gravity" and the Inherent Drama of Man in Space

Here’s the thing about outer space: we’re not supposed to be there. Nothing about it is conducive to life as we know it. There’s no oxygen and very low air pressure. 1,009 more words


Movie of the Week (March 19th 2014)

I know I missed last week. I do apologize. A 10-page paper on Charlie Chaplin was keeping me quite busy. But I am back and on Spring Break, which means more time to watch and review movies, which means more stuff for y’all to read. 379 more words

Film Factorisation TV: Believe (In Letdowns)

Yes, after receiving enormous amounts of praise from… the Universe, Alfonso Cuarón’s next big step was NBC’s new show: Believe. And in order to convey the story, he partnered up with J.J. 929 more words

Film Factorisation

Gravity: Film Review

I literally just finished watching Gravity, and I must say this film is a cinematic masterpiece. It has become a modern day revelling experience to ditch films for their use of CGI but the reality is, if the CGI is used in the right way, it makes for a masterpiece of cinema. 265 more words

D: Movie #22 - Gravity

D: This was an interesting film to watch. It’s so technically amazing in its construction but so simple in its storytelling. That’s not to say that it’s not interesting or compelling or emotional, but only that it is what it is. 256 more words