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Dreams DO Come True: My Meeting with Chicago Cubs Legend, Ernie Banks.

Last Sunday I had an amazing day. It was a total surprise & I didn’t find out anything about any specifics until we were at the venue & I was looking at the list of events scheduled. 2,397 more words


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On Friday the sport of baseball lost the great ambassador it ever had, the great legend, Ernie Banks. I am heartbroken at the realization the world is now a smaller, darker place without Ernie here, but I console myself with the face that his Spirit will shine on forever & will encourage others from the world of spirit. Perhaps one day, soon - you never know - he may help the Cubs get to a World Series. Ernie, hopefully before I die, please. Just ONE. You changed my life & helped me to overcome tremendous obstacles to get to where I am today. I am blessed to have been able to tell you that I OWE IT ALL TO YOU. God bless you & RIP, Mr. Cub. Your legacy will never be forgotten. For video coverage go to: http://wgntv.com/2015/01/24/the-legacy-of-ernie-banks-mr-cub/ where WGN-TV of Chicago has posted some lovely tributes. If this is your first time visiting my blog, thank you & to all of Ernie's fans out there, let's play two!

Obituary For A Friend I Never Met

While having my first few sips of coffee early Saturday morning I went to the CNN app on my iPhone….top story headline read ‘Mr. Cub Ernie Banks dies in Chicago at 83’…my heart sank.  489 more words

Go Thailand: Day 13 - Go Football

After the massage, and a quick trip to a street vendor to buy some things, we decide to chill at Chill Out – the American bar near the Thai Kitchen Cookery Centre from the other night. 426 more words


My Name is Not Julie: A Guest Post

This is a post about the infamous Julie! That’s right, the blogger without a blog! I have been long remiss in sitting on this guest post – my apologies to Julie and the rest of the blog world that I’m sure would dearly like to know more about her. 942 more words


Like Mother Like Daughter

My mom was a Home Economics teacher until I was born at which point she became a stay-at-home mom.  She sewed many of my clothes when I was growing up including my high school prom dress in 1984, which was probably the last item of clothing that she sewed for me.  359 more words