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BBQ and Fireplace Fire Starter Best Using for Igniting

What can you use logs for? Commonly logs are used as fuel for the purpose of creating a fire. Fire is probably one of the most basic things required for survival, it can be used to boil water, cook meat, dry clothes, and keep you warm. 192 more words

Rory's Story Cubes - Writing Prompt!

So I rolled the dice tonight! These are the cubes that came up. I challenge anyone who would like to write along with me to do so! 70 more words


The Deconstruction of the Compound of Five Cubes

To make the compound of five cubes, begin with a dodecahedron, as seen above. Next, add segments as new edges, and let them be all of the diagonals of all the dodecahedron’s faces. 119 more words


Daisy Chain Cubed Mark 2 Continued

This version has the straps attached in a better place I think. I seem to be wearing this set a lot!


Coloured cubes from meeplesource

Today I realise that I could have got some cubes from meeplesource, before making my own tokens.

Similarities Between Shapes and Everyday Objects

The best way to illustrate the concept of 3D shapes is to compare the shapes with everyday objects. For example, a round orange demonstrates spheres, while an rubix cube visually demonstrates a cube. 51 more words