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No programme with The Dicktator would be complete without chastity, and not surprisingly there is a big chastity component with this programme a welcum return because the slut has been free-range for 4 years, but it is time to come back to the fold… 65 more words


Holly The Cuckoldress!

Do you truly understand what it means to be a cuckold? Do you know that once you place yourself into that position that anything could happen? 106 more words


This Is A Story About A Love Triangle

Beyond a few selfies and some emails, they didn’t know the man. A clean bill of health, they had that. But nothing else, really.

“It’ll be more exciting that way,” Ruth said. 906 more words

I don't understand Cuckolding

For those of you who do not know what cuckolding is, Its basically cheating on your submissive man (either behind his back or in front of his face) with a non submissive man in order to fulfill some kind of erotic fantasy. 340 more words


Cuckold Newlyweds 3 by Lisa Winters

Mike’s wife Jenny has continued her lifestyle of an endless stream of sex partners and parties. Mike meanwhile, is feeling more neglected than ever. Even being cuckolded and humiliated was better than this. 126 more words

Cuckold Newlyweds 2 by Lisa Winters

Mike and Jenny are newlyweds trying to make it work, much like any other couple. The only problem is that while Mike is a workaholic, Jenny has continued there wedding night tradition—of blatant cheating! 123 more words

Cuckold Newlyweds by Lisa Winters

Michael and Jenny might seem like the perfect newlyweds. He, a straight-laced accountant, and she a young, beautiful, party girl. But when they take their honeymoon to Vegas, Jenny starts bringing back strange men to the hotel room. 220 more words