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Day 20

It all started with a cucumber. The cucumber spoke to me. Actually it screamed at me. It screamed “get me out of this plastic wrapper!” 388 more words



I made my own detox drink!  I had been looking for an all natural type of detox and I am glad I found this.  It taste very good. 26 more words

Salads: I love them, I hate them

Yes. I said it.  I love hate salads.  Who doesn’t?

(If you were going to say “me,” don’t answer. )

I LOVE salads. Love love love. 270 more words


Veggie Pizza

1. Preheat oven to 350. Take out crescent rolls, and lay them on a cookie sheet. Spread them and pinch together to make a rectangular pizza crust. 327 more words


Monday’s usually a bitch. The weekend offers a saturday where you’ve had a great dinner, talks and vino. Sunday gave you a chance to recover and get some work done and BAM there it is, ugly monday. 187 more words



Cucumbers are another of my all-time favorite veggies of the summer.  Over the past couple years I’ve had some issues growing these beauties but most of the issue was due to lack of soil enrichment and hard soil conditions.  582 more words

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