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Dear Aphids: POD Hates You

As one of the only vegetable gardens in Pennsport, POD provides quite the haven for local pests. Each year POD struggles, and ultimately fails, to keep these suckers in check. 104 more words

Container Gardening

I think I canned! I think I canned! I think I canned!

Canning is kind of addictive.  I think it is addictive because you really feel a sense of accomplishment when you start seeing jars of food that you grew AND preserved sitting in your fridge and pantry.   1,082 more words


Glimpses of My Garden in July

We live in a little valley where two creeks meet. According to the old timers there is an Indian saying that tornadoes will not pass through an area where two creeks meet. 409 more words


The Cucumber Rule

I sat down at the table. It was lunch and, when I looked down at my plate, I lost my appetite.  The children were well aware of the situation, which is why they were smiling. 624 more words


Growing Cucumbers

The thing that I really dislike about growing cucumbers is chasing the vines all over the garden in an attempt to find all of the produce;  and then missing some and they turn into the monster yellow ones. 112 more words

Tuesday Harvest Report

We had lots of things to pick today after a hot weekend! We also planted a lot of things for fall, with more to come in the upcoming weeks. 186 more words


Pickled Teaser

What I’m making with these little babies won’t be done for a few more days. What could it be …?