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Potatoes, Cucumber, String Beans And Fried Eggs

The dish above is also quite tasty. Potatoes, cucumbers, string beans and fried eggs. Again cooked by the husband of my mother. I think I should convince him of creating a blog about German dishes. 117 more words


Buffalo Cucumbers from Parm

We visited ourĀ friends Tim & Lauren in NYC over Labor Day weekend last year. Together, the powers of R & R & T & L combine to form: “Team Brother Husbands/Sister Wives.” This title only means that we sometimes go on vacation together and really enjoy each others company. 545 more words


More For Your Money, Pumpkin - High Yielders I Love!

I’m a big believer in yield, orĀ being able to produce as much edible food within as small a space as possible. Some might even call me a “yield hog” because I’ll scoff at the idea of planting some veggies because their yield just isn’t big enough. 841 more words


Spring salad with roasted chickpeas

1/4 c rice vinegar
1/2 T coconut sugar (or any sugar you want)
1 tsp sea salt
(adjust to liking)

2 cucumbers, sliced… 198 more words

Healthy Meals

Yes yes yes, it's my April almanac

I’ve been working on a longish post that tries to articulate how Neighbour Grow as a business venture ties in with my philosophy of socio-political change, as well as my with my spiritual leadings; that should be ready in another day or two. 343 more words

Refreshing Cucumber Ice!

Perfect for entertaining guests or just treating yourself to a refreshing beverage, these ice cubes are easy to make and taste delish!

To check out the full post on how to make your own cucumber ice cubes, click here!

Happy Tuesday!

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Vegan Power Salad

Hold onto your panties, people, I’m coming at ya with a recipe that’s to die for.

The last few times I’ve been to Panera, I’ve had their… 168 more words