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Cucumber Salad

This simple cucumber salad sweet and tangy dressing made with Kefir and apple cider vinegar. Serve this alongside with your favorite main dish!

Ingredients you’ll need… 54 more words

Food Recipe

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches + Dill Spread

#57 : Well I’m allergic to health foods. #SCP

Real Talk: Oral-Allergy Syndrome…I have this. I haven’t been tested, but I know. Certain raw fruits, veggies and nuts make my mouth terribly uncomfortable for the next few hours. 226 more words



I don’t really care for fresh cucumbers.  I don’t hate ‘em.  There is no spit-that-out-it’s-nasty reaction.  I just tend to eat around them in salads.  But, I do love them pickled.  308 more words


A Non-Cook's Recipe

If last week’s topic was a challenge, this week’s is even more so! I don’t cook much – not because I can’t, and not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t have to. 420 more words


In Praise of Poo...

I have to confess, I wasn’t that keen on the idea of piling a heap of manure on the raised beds as I thought it would be unpleasantly smelly. 254 more words


6 Tips to Whiten Dark Underarms

Having dark underarms can bring discomfort especially if you cannot raise your hands when you are wearing sleeveless top. Dark underarms may occur due to some deodorants or removing creams but do not worry since there are many ways to whiten the dark underarms. 465 more words


Idiot Fondue: Case Study #18

  Note: The following is an excerpt from my “Idiot Fondue” blog. All you really need to know is that the main character, Dr. Brian, is a somewhat pompous psychotherapist. 2,439 more words