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The Mandelbrot Set using CUDA + Visual Studio -- Beginner's Guide

Every now and again I come across a project that I can actually make progress. This is one of those times.

For this tutorial, I’m going to create a fairly simple CUDA project using v6.5 and Visual Studio. 1,360 more words


The Plymouth Hemi Cuda is there better

1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda. That was enough to scare the BeJesus out of any one that pulled alongside of one back then, or now.

That Hemi Cuda has always been one of the most legendary and sought after muscle cars ever and to this day. 421 more words

Daniels Supercharged Cuda

Well i have been waiting to shoot this car for 2 years, but last summer Daniel decided that he needed a supercharger, long story short. Things took time and so on, the car was finaly on the road a month ago. 81 more words

My first CUDA program

CUDA is an exciting tool for accelerating current models. Here I am applying it to a simple water balance model.

What a water balance model does can be simply described by pouring water into/extracting water out from a water bucket. 801 more words


C++11 on GPUs

I recently had to check the support of C++11 constructs on compilers that target accelerators such as NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

One option you have nowadays is to use CLang/LLVM to generate PTX/RXXX code directly from C++ but this approach introduces another set of issues, which can be addressed only by basically implementing your very own custom compiler or a set of compiler wrappers. 223 more words


CS4532 Concurrent Programming Homework 2


This assignment is based on deadlocks and deadlocks prevention algorithms. Also I have attached  the sample answers.

Problem Set

Homework 2



Parallel Programming

Supercharging SQL Join with GTX Titan, CUDA C++, and Thrust: Part 2

Compute the mathces

Here is a simple, purely brute-force algorithm for computing the join mentioned in Part 1.

Here is the entirely “CPU” implementation of the algorithm: 1,136 more words