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My Indonesian Kitchen

Soto Ayam, Indonesian Chicken Soup

 Approximately 2½ pounds chicken, boiled and chicken removed from the bones.

Stir Fry the following 4 ingredients. After stir frying, blend into a paste. 151 more words


The Experience of Cuisine

I consider myself a picky eater. There are certain foods I will not touch. Ever. (At least, I think so right now). Pickles, mustard, beans; all that gross stuff. 281 more words


Throwback Thursday: October Olives Redux

One aspect of the reconnaisance for projects in Greece included embracing and honoring past experiences. The place of foodways and cuisine in the narrative of lives can never be underestimated. 229 more words


Eleven Madison Park, New York

There are a few things in life that are certainties, like death and taxes but when you’re a ‘foodie’ on a visit to New York, the other thing is to enjoy a meal at Eleven Madison Park. 337 more words


Birds, Gastronomy, Cultural Heritage--Is It Entrepreneurial Conservation?

We do not link often to the countless stories of rhino populations being decimated due to poaching, not because they are depressing, which they are; but because there have been no breakthrough entrepreneurial conservation stories related to that tragedy. 1,073 more words


Restaurant Review: Horse and Hound, Ocala, Florida

I was in Ocala, Florida this past weekend for a college horse show. Ocala is located about an hour and a half north of Tampa and 45 minutes south of University of Florida. 509 more words