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An Italian Sonnet about Chinese* Restaurants (Written in English by an American) [*Chinese restaurants in America...Chinese immigrants often choke on the fortune the first time they eat a fortune cookie.] 118 more words

Immortal Verse

Day 202, Ingredient No. 84-Cayenne Peppers

When it comes to the culinary world, there aren’t many things I fear after working for a decade in professional kitchens. I don’t fear lopping off a finger with a knife. 753 more words


Cultural festival

Two weeks ago, my friend invited me to a festival called «Week ends du monde». It’s an event that lasts two weekends and it is a celebration of various cultures and traditions. 121 more words


hsa ba - burmese recipes from miki

as a bit of a fussy eater, i’ve always been wary of weird foreign foods, even burmese ones. as a burmese kid myself, it’s slightly embarrassing to be eating mashed potato in burma, because i can’t bring myself to eat something new. 447 more words

Regional Food And Recipes


After two years in Paris, no dining experience has come close to Verjus.


The Bell Curve of Teppanyaki

Try Teppanyaki, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Teppanyaki always seems like a good idea to couples. Something about the danger of flying meat seems to really turn them on. 511 more words