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“Don’t play with your food!” said your mother. But what if playing with your food is your job?

Pierre Javelle and Akido Ido met in art school in Paris. 138 more words


Homemade Meatballs in Gravy

I’ve been craving for meatballs for quite awhile now. I have always missed IKEA’s meatballs, they’re just so mouth-watering. I remembered ordering meatballs whenever I went to IKEA back in those days when it was just an arm’s length away. 296 more words


I'd rather be eating...

Some people eat to live, I live to eat.

When asked what I’d rather be doing I’d almost always rather think about food, or talk about that one great party I had where or because for me, food is probably the greatest ritual when it comes to life today. 129 more words

Bay Area

Bangkok Foodie: Ramen King, A Square

Located in the newly opened Japanese themed community mall A Square (opposite of K Village), Ramen King is a Japanese ramen food court. But is the King worthy of the throne? 229 more words

Too hot to handle: Thai Chicken Soup

I’ll happily admit I’m always the first to complain about food.
Fussiest of the fussy, it doesn’t take much for me to pull the plug and decide something isn’t to my liking. 468 more words


Dining Disasters.

Now before I begin on a completely biased rant– let me state for the literate audience– that I know– SERVING TABLES can be an effortlessly wonderful way to make money… When you don’t suck at life; generally speaking. 2,186 more words

Tito's Market

The best quality friends aren’t measured by how many gifts they get you for your birthday or by how many times they text you in a day. 220 more words