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Pop-Upz, Muh Patriarchy & Thanksgiving

Yo~! I guess its been a while since I have written anything for the blog. I’m probably not going to talk about anything too important not like I ever do. 765 more words

Culinary Institute Of America

Party: Scenes from Birthday Week

In case you missed it on Instagram, here are some scenes from what will go down in history as one of the best weeks, ever.  (And then I’ll stop talking about it, promise). 40 more words

See Hatsie Party

Not all culinary schools are the same

I assumed most of the culinary schools in America cover the same stuff, but I found out that is false.

I asked a new hired prep cook to blanch some broccoli before blanching the cauliflower, using the same water to save time and water. 123 more words


UPDATE: Everybody Knows

It’s as if he’s here:

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody have got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died… 21 more words

Darla Magee


I feel like I should write another blog post so I am. I honestly can’t think of anything super interesting to write about but I don’t have anything better to do tonight either. 940 more words

Culinary Institute Of America

"When it doubt 350 it out"

That is what I always say to classmates when they ask me the temperature of the oven and I do not know the answer. 350 is usually the standard temp the oven is set to unless you’re trying to get a sear then go 400+ or a slow braise which you’d do around 300-325 or a really long roast for tough cuts, then you can go as low as 250. 27 more words


Yes Chef

Those are the 2 most important words you will need to learn at the CIA or just working in higher end restaurants.At school I would just constantly chant “Yes chef”. 68 more words