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"On Food and Cooking" By Harold McGee

If you were to buy one book about food it would be this book. Every chef has read it. It is the only book you really use at the CIA. 53 more words


It Started With a Fist Bump

My 5th term practical was scheduled for today at 3pm. I show up at 2:30. “Chef, I know Im early-“ “That’s great! Always better to be early,” says the chef as he holds out his hand for a fist bump. 1,593 more words

Culinary Institute Of America

Throw food scraps in the compost bin!

I cannot stress that enough while at the CIA. I always saw food scraps in the garbage bin, when it could be composted.

And stop throwing plastics and things that cannot be composted in the compost bin! 57 more words


The 5 mother sauces

1. Hollandaise


3.Sauce Tomato

4.Sauce espagnole


Important sauces because they are the foundation of classic French cuisine. They build almost all their sauces from these 5 different sauces. 114 more words

Culinary Institute Of America

The block system at the CIA

The school is based on a 3 week block system. Academic classes can be 2+ blocks. All kitchen classes excluding Culinary Fundamental is 1 block. My thoughts on the block system? 110 more words


Know Your Chef - Chef Manu Chandra - Executive Chef and Entrepreneur

Chef Manu Chandra

 Indian Food & Beverage industry is currently going through a transitional phase. And there are few soldiers working on the ground and making sure that this transition turns out to be positive and progressive. 623 more words

Know Your Chef