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Never Cry Wolf

It is an interesting coincidence that I have been reading aloud to my family Farley Mowat’s Never Cry Wolf. I have been reading a chapter each night to my kids and wife and we are about two thirds through the book as I write this. 355 more words


Please Sign a Petition to Stop the UK Grey Squirrel Cull

More squirrel photos further down.

What right has anyone to kill another species or rather systematically massacre other animals? If this happened to human beings it would be called genocide. 527 more words

Animal Rights

An ideal tool for vermin control

One of the frustrating situations faced by the smallholder or gardener is the incursion of pest species and a limited ability to control them. Woodpigeons, feral pigeons, rabbits and some of the crow family can swiftly undo all that hard work put into preparing and sowing a crop such as brassicas, peas or beans. 793 more words


The Frozen Woodpigeon

I picked up a frozen pigeon the other morning, lying on the path as stiff as a board. The mercury had plummeted to about -4C overnight but it was the cutting easterly wind that would have beaten the bird, sending its body temperature well below survival level. 700 more words


Stray dogs killed in Canada too

The Sochi Games are rife with controversy, but perhaps, among the many, none have gone so viral and pulled on as many western heartstrings as the mass extermination of hundreds, some say thousands, of stray dogs. 614 more words

Tyler Batten

Amateur Ichthyologic Anesthetist

I hate it, but sometimes it happens that a fish must be put down. Culled. In my case, I had a tank dedicated to just one rosy barb who came as a straggler with some ghost shrimp I bought several months ago. 786 more words