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War and Cry

Fangs , sharp and fatal ,ugly and hostile 
Conniving monsters with intentions vile
Innocent victims who know not their fault
Hearts skip several beats before the final hault. 93 more words

Creative Writing

A Loathing

Yes, I loathe selfies; hate them with a passion.

Even more so now.

Last night in class we were discussing my new cellphone. I had earlier in the day bought a new SIM card and inserted same. 619 more words


Tree Chopping In Ramadan

I was tired and fast asleep, when I was vigorously woken up by my children, shouting about a tree being chopped. And they wanted me to take pictures. 236 more words

The One with the Shark Culling Initiative

(This post was originally published on meschka.wordpress.com)

Today marks the death of the first shark under the Australian government`s ill-conceived shark culling initiative in response to recent shark attack fatalities off the shores of Western Australia. 402 more words


Rest Days

So, according to my schedule, today was a rest day.  My amazing husband got with the program and let me sleep in.  My kids, however, missed the memo.   429 more words

Neil Keenan Update for July 7th---Hawai'i: The Life of The Land is Preserved in Righteousness

The land we know as Hawai’i has been at the forefront of our alternative news for several reasons of late.

If you missed it; they dedicated a special plot of land designated as an… 1,939 more words

The Illuminati Plan

The Culling: A Prelude

Hey everyone,

I have been playing with this idea for a while, so long that now what ever I type sounds wrong. I have revised it four times now and I am sure that as soon as I read over it again I will find something else wrong, so I am just going to post it. 1,045 more words