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A monkey named Magna and her baby who were trapped and culled by AVA.

The picture of Magna and her baby appeared on my Facebook yesterday. The minute I looked at them, I smiled and felt warmth. They had all my blessings immediately and I thought to myself that the love of an animal mother was no less than any human being. 451 more words


I Love You For Sentimental Reasons

I am a saver. On the border of a hoarder, but still safely on the saver side. Regardless, it’s clear some culling needs to be done. 965 more words



Yay! *does a happy dance*

Can I say again how glad I am that I stumbled by chance upon that blurb for Blogging 101? It’s really been so helpful for getting things going. 537 more words

Culling – The Dark Side of Conservation

Culling is in the news again and it is, as ever, proving a thorny issue. It often seems anathema and contrary to the whole hippy-feel of much of our work to even be contemplating the systematic removal of a portion of a species. 1,116 more words


stop culling the Alps bouquetins!

I just learned today that about 300 bouquetins had been killed in the French Alps the past few days as an hasty and ungrounded measure against bovine brucellosis. 64 more words


Animals Culling in zoos.

So I was looking through the news on the BBC website seeing what animal news was reported within the year and I found an article on animals being culled in zoos. 248 more words

The Voice in the Brambles

I have a forest.

It’s not mine, of course.  No forest could be.  More truthfully, a forest has me, has enthralled me with the happy accident of its existence, its odd survival on the slopes of a hill otherwise cleared of anything not man-made. 1,468 more words