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My name was erased on the golden family plate.
I got a suitcase, some bank-notes and a closed gate.

But I’m not offended. It’s better to be a hellraiser… 21 more words


I am Running a Factory Farm

Okay, not really. The chickens are just hanging out in their coop because it’s super cold out. But I feel like I’m running a factory farm, because the coop is not that big (it’s not that I have too many chickens. 318 more words

Distended Herd

Left unto my own devices
I devour till my demise

I envy nature so decisive
Choosing what lives and dies

The earth doesn’t grieve
For the young lost beast… 17 more words


Chicks Day 5 pt 2

Gave them food back around 4pm… they went MENTAL for it. Going to rethink this strategy.

Also had to cull one with what we believe was a prolapsed vent. 31 more words


The First Box

As per my New Year’s Resolution I pulled out the first box from my back room and put it on the kitchen table today. I started easy, since I already knew roughly what was in this one, but it was still a little daunting. 904 more words

Cape Cross and the Seal Reserve

It is with mixed emotions that I write about our visit to Cape Cross, which is north of Swakopmund. I was excited to see the seal colony that lives there but the visit was overshadowed by what Bruno had shared with us about that area while on our Sandwich Harbor tour. 1,429 more words


Cold Snap

The unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having is over. The lovely 45 degree days we’ve had for the last week are in the wind. Literally. The wind chill is very cold on top of the current 29 degrees F. 582 more words