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Your year long film festival is always here, at the Astor

Victoria has been dubbed (via number plates) “the garden state”, “on the move” and “the place to be”. The state as a whole is a pretty big place (larger than the entire UK if we’re talking physical land mass) and it’s difficult when you work in Melbourne and dwell only around its suburban fringes to know just how garden like, moving and ‘to be’ it really is elsewhere. 429 more words

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From the Vaults: Return of the Living Dead

Pardon the double whammy of Vaults posts. I’ve been really bad with archiving my old posts lately. No matter! Please enjoy a look back at a cheesy horror-comedy classic! 738 more words


A killing or is it 'The Bunnyman Massacre' aka 'Bunnyman 2' - movie review

I never shy away from a film that starts killing people immediately but THE BUNNYMAN MASSACRE takes it a step further.  Bunnyman (the killer) was an actual legend that stemmed from Virginia in 1970. 517 more words

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Hollywood Theater Goes Glam For Rock Musical Double Feature

Neil Patrick Harris recently became the toast of Broadway in the stage version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a strange development considering that the production’s source material is a ragtag 2001 film that barely made a dent at the box office. 197 more words

Special Screenings

Johnny Guitar (1954)

Promotional still for the cult classic.


Cinema Fiasco Presents... HERCULES!

Fresh from its triumphal tour of Tasmania, Cinema Fiasco returns to the Astor this Friday, July 25 at 8pm, for a presentation of the 1983 version of… 271 more words

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