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Guardians of the Galaxy's Gillan = Goddess

As if playing my favorite DOCTOR WHO companion for three years wasn’t enough, Scottish actress Karen Gillan will stake her claim to the title of Queen of the Universe by starring as bad-girl Nebula in Marvel’s… 152 more words


WALKING DEAD Poised for a Bloodbath

As THE WALKING DEAD shambles toward its fifth-season premiere in October, star Andrew Lincoln wants us to know that no one should be considered safe; … 154 more words

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GAME OF THRONES Blooper Reel Released

The makers of GAME OF THRONES released a blooper reel for the recently completed fourth season at Comic-Con International: San Diego this weekend, and while I think it’s pretty meh, a lot of people think it’s hilarious, so here it is…

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Doctor's Orders!

The 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) has a very simple command:

Well, at least it’s easier than, “Don’t blink!”

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Here Comes Season 5 of THE WALKING DEAD

Here’s a long teaser for the upcoming season five of THE WALKING DEAD which returns to AMC on Oct. 12.

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Hello, Jerry. Hello, Newman.

After weeks of rumours, impatience, and possibly re-watching old episodes of the show, the special Seinfeld pack of Emojis are finally available. For all those times you wanted to convey your feelings through a tiny version of George Costanza’s head, you now can. 118 more words


David Tennant: Doctor or President?

Sunday mornings here in America are known for serious-minded political talk shows about Important Issues, so here’s a clip featuring David Tennant, the former star of DOCTOR WHO, on Canada’s Space Channel show INNERSPACE comparing playing the Doctor to being the president of the United States.

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