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The veil was thick. Her parents had said it was to keep demons at bay.

Vows exchanged, her “husband” lifted the netted curtain from her delicate face, and she saw him for the first time… … 127 more words



Directed by Stephen Norrington

Before director Stephen Norrington gave us Blade and The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, not many people know that for his feature debut, Norrington made a horror/sci-fi hybrid in the vein of The Terminator and Hardware called Death Machine. 205 more words


The Cult of iPhone

I bought an iPhone. People would have you believe that you only become a functional part of society once you have one, yet the opposite appears to be true. 880 more words


Swimming in a cesspool//Allanawintermute

A poorly written suicide letter is read out loud by Sarah Porceleano, Her alarming voice clashing with the silence.

I wanted to believe. I really did. 235 more words

Lance WIntermute

Listen: Karen O, "Rapt"

“Love’s a fucking bitch,” proclaims Karen O on her new solo effort “Rapt”, from Crush Songs. A harsh statement for a song so sonically calm, with muffled acoustics and a hazy aesthetic. 41 more words

New Music

My first encounter - World Mission Society Church of God & Ahnsahnghong

What happened when I got into the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) ?

Nothing was special in my life. Then, I encountered a Church believing in Ahnsahnghong… 1,226 more words


A Last Song for Supper

You might think twice about this little tale. If you know me and especially Mr. Binger, you will read exactly as you expect… but it’s the melody that keeps a true reader reading, not so the story. 952 more words