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His Bumble Bee Princess

His Bumble Bee Princess

(for Meredith Shockey)

Fragrances Swirl

All around in the Air,

A Beauty of Grace

In the fields

Where Bumble Bees

Traverse from flower-to-flower… 65 more words


Spiritual Health

Physical illness is like a thief in the night. It creeps in and ravages our “normal” lives. Some illnesses are short lived, and we return to a familiar state when the illness leaves us. 237 more words


War on Homelessness - Chapter IV: Wildflowers at Hillview

Once on a piece of paper with no lines, she wrote a poem and called it Autumn. That was the name of the season, barbaric in bare trees and leaves orange like the lighted tip of the cigarette butts that burned their burns on the fragility of her skin. 2,273 more words

War On Homelessness

STRONG | Women ...continued...

Melody is the wife of Pastor Adam Workman who leads in Discipleship and Assimilation at Sandals Church. She is also currently serving as the mid-week worship coordinator responsible for overseeing and facilitating worship for mid-week gatherings at Sandals. 138 more words

Sandals Church

Tilling the Earth

The sound of the razor blades tore through the air running shivers down my spine. The buzzing held my disturbed thoughts suspended in air enveloped by clouds of dust. 1,604 more words

Galleries are wonderful places, special places, I love those big white cubes...

So where were we before I was so rudely interrupted? Are the five minutes over yet? “Are you missing it yet?” she asked. Well for the first post-Vyner Street weekend I was busy down underground in that car park in Cavendish Square, busy installing work… well not that busy, it didn’t take too long, I was only installing mine, for once I didn’t need to worry about everyone else, about people being late because their dog had eaten their painting or the bus was the wrong colour or any of the other reasons people regularly come up with for nor being able to make it on installation day . 2,332 more words


Build and Test

Marking the end of the Marketing Research course, the students were treated to a guest lecture from Andy Robinson, an alumni of the MSc Marketing programme from 2011/2012. 191 more words