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What is Shen Gong?

We are going to encounter a wide range of opinions and descriptions. We will start with the martial arts, go through the oriental religious and esoteric views, into the New World and the Ancient in search of not just the definition, but also the answer to the question “why do people practice shen gong? 904 more words


Loban Pai - Urban Oriental Shamanic Mysticism

With a resurgence in oriental cultivation practices, various Taoist (Daoist) practices are becoming available in the West.  Taoism is the vehicle that delivers these techniques to the modern world, but much that informed the development of Taoism came from preceding shamanic / animistic practices.  351 more words


Afghan Opium Poppy Cultivation Hits All-Time High 

(KABUL, Afghanistan) — Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan grew to an all-time high in 2013 despite America spending more than $7 billion to fight it over the past decade, a U.S. 220 more words

Afghanistan hit the high Opium Cultivation

Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MCN) was founded under framework of the Afghanistan’s government in 2005. MCN was supposed to fight against narcotics and opium cultivation- the ministry is working along with sector and line ministries, like MOD, MOI, MRRD, and MOPH. 175 more words


Reclamation of Barren Land  

  • A person who reclaims barren land may own it if it was not owned by another person. Cultivation of barren land is encouraged unless it jeopardizes public interest (narrows a road or reduces the size of the village market).
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Thoughts and struggle concerning time

You may have noticed that I’m still not very active on my blog these days. Honestly, I can’t blame my arm anymore. Although there is still some healing to do, it’s feeling much better and I’ve recovered a wide range of movement I had struggled with the last few months. 812 more words

Family Life

Being Personal

Today we updated all our I-devices. Or rather, I updated all mine; my husband’s desktop is balking. He is lost, as I felt when I was going through the pain of waiting for Yosemite to finish up. 475 more words