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Modern methods of cultivation of Watermelon

ગરમીની મોસમમાં ઠંડક મેળવવા લોકો તડબુચ ખાવાનું વધુ પસંદ કરે છે. અને તેમાં પણ મોરબી નજીક ખાનપુરના તડબુચ હોય તો કહેવું જ શું. ખાનપુરના ખેડૂતો આધુનિક પદ્ધિતીથી તડબુચનું વાવેતર કરી ફાયદો મેળવી રહ્યાં છે.

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Getting Them Involved

I’m not a baby person. By that I mean, I am not a woman who sees babies and gets an irresistible urge to hold them.   That often translates to people thinking I don’t like kids. 433 more words


Cyclamen Bunga Mungil yang Elok

Cyclamen Bunga Mungil Nan Elok

Sosok tanamannya mungil, tetapi tampak menawan dengan bunga beraneka warna, mulai dari pink, merah jambu, sampai merah tua. Pola daunnya pun indah, berbelang hijau keperakan atau kemerahan. 595 more words


A Necessary Evil: Guidelines for Roto-Tilling

A Necessary Evil is defined as: Something that is undesirable but must be accepted.  Like Taxes, Government, War, Work, Marriage, or Roto-tilling.  If you must roto-till, then here are some guidelines to help minimize any negative impact to the soil. 395 more words

Urban Garden


Tilling of the soil has been a mainstay of agriculture and civilization.  It’s part of a culture; depicted throughout the ages in art and literature. 1,183 more words

Urban Garden

New Work: Man & Earth Landscape

I have been working on a series of watercolor paintings in the past months. I like working with watercolor, ink pen, and pencil drawing in my work. 433 more words


The Right Gift

It was a fundraiser’s nightmare. We had finally found a time when my president and major donor prospects (husband and wife) could meet. And then, as we starting talking about the campaign, the husband stopped us. 429 more words