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Thoughts and struggle concerning time

You may have noticed that I’m still not very active on my blog these days. Honestly, I can’t blame my arm anymore. Although there is still some healing to do, it’s feeling much better and I’ve recovered a wide range of movement I had struggled with the last few months. 812 more words

Family Life

Being Personal

Today we updated all our I-devices. Or rather, I updated all mine; my husband’s desktop is balking. He is lost, as I felt when I was going through the pain of waiting for Yosemite to finish up. 475 more words


You are demon and wild beast and angel and man. Whichever you cultivate, that you will be.

Kashani 17th c. Persian Poet

Backyard - Redux

It’s been one year since we re-landscaped our backyard. Some parts of the project were a hit and other parts were definitely a miss. Some of the highlights are set out below: 949 more words


21 Century Revival

I have a theory, for a new 21 Century style of revival. It is not a service or set of services, instead a combination of relationship building tools that offer accountability. 158 more words


Revival vs salvation

As mentioned in our first post about Revival, many churches invite evangelists to preach revivals. They then have strong evangelistic (in many cases hell fire and brimstone) services. 131 more words


Real Revival

First, we need to define real revival. Revival means to revive, to make live again. I have been in a dozen or more revivals in the past few years. 291 more words