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EU vote on GMO's could open doors for genetically altered foods


In a landmark decision, the European Parliament in Strasbourg voted in favour of allowing member states to decide on how to deal with genetically altered crops within their borders. 149 more words


5 Unique Ways to Cultivate Happiness

“The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.”
-Robert Baden-Pow

Sure, we could all go around doing what we normally do and have a relatively happy day. 264 more words


Story Telling That Works

Story telling as a fundraising device is one of the things with which I have a love/hate relationship. I love the idea of humanizing what an organization does and making it personal; I hate the reality that too many people memorize stories and turn what should be conversations into monologs just so they can tell their stories. 561 more words


New Publication: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): The authorisation process for cultivation

20 January 2015

National Assembly for Wales Research Service

This Research Note provides a summary of the current GMO authorisation process detailing the changes approved by agreement on the 2010 proposals. 9 more words



Recently feeling very pek chek, very vexed about my financial situation… As I was previously out of work for a while, there were a few 贵人 in my life who helped me when I was down and out, and that was when there was totally zero news from job hunting. 542 more words


Report cannabis cultivation

I read on a local newspaper website.. that police are calling on all citizens to report suspected cannabis cultivation. They say it is often grown near public walking tracks (in bush areas). 140 more words

Probing Microbial Dark Matter and Discovering a Novel Antibiotic

Last week Kim Lewis’s lab at Northeastern University published a paper in Nature describing a novel antibiotic they call teixobactin, marking the first discovery of a natural antibiotic in decades1. 891 more words