On Kim Kardashian and Bottoms.

My feelings towards Kim Kardashian are usually the same feelings I have towards my job on Friday afternoons. Ambivalent and waiting for the the whole thing to be over so that I don’t have to think about it anymore. 652 more words


Duluth Day of the Dead: When is Cultural Appropriation Appropriate?

The short answer is never.

Duluth has a celebration for the Day of the Dead, though it is called All Soul’s Night.  I have not attended, so I am not certain if it is cultural appropriation.   840 more words


Walking and Working on Bourbon Street

I work at an “ethnic” themed bar that is not owned by anyone of the ethnicity in question. If you walk outside of that bar and throw a stone in any direction, you would hit a strip club. 510 more words

Cultural Appropriation

Partying While Native on Halloween

Open Letter to the “Sexy Indian Princesses” of the Halloween World:

Yesterday, I went to one of the biggest parties in the country. In New Orleans, Frenchmen Street on Halloween is second only to Mardi Gras. 559 more words

Cultural Appropriation

‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’: Lorde Covers Jeremih’s Hit Single & We’re Like Dear Lordt, Why? [VIDEO]

Did anyone ask for this? The perpetually creepy, but amazingly talented singer, Lorde decided to cover Jeremih’s smash hit “Don’t Tell ‘Em” and good Lordt, it’s just as weird as you’d think it would be. 236 more words


The Atlantic: Convoca Katy Perry para su actuación de "estilo-Geisha"

Su disfraz a los Premios de Música Americana, y las reacciones a la, le enseñan porque las conversaciones de la apropiación cultural todavía están tan importantes. 855 more words

Trabajos En Español

Body Art as Visual Language

“[T]he body may well have been the first canvas,”Enid Schildkrout claims in her article “Body Art as Visual Language.” Have you ever thought about this – about how you do/could use your own body to present works of artistry to others who see you? 238 more words

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