Tulpa: Not What You Think

What’s the matter?
I have a headmate.
It might be a tulpa.

I’m sure everyone has seen the articles going around now about the “Tulpamancers.” 1,607 more words


Appropriation in Popular Culture

For the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Selena Gomez performed her new single “Come and Get It.” The tune of the song was clearly influenced by Indian culture and music, and her costume, both on stage and in her… 502 more words

COMM 265

September 14

Today was a day for ironic cultural appropriation. As American top-40 tunes from six months ago blared across the stadium, Chinese students put on their version of a ‘color run,’ … 48 more words

Image Of The Day

Is Cultural Appropriation a Fallacy?

A Burner recently posted on Facebook that she had lost her segue during Burning Man 2014. Her request for assistance was rapidly subjugated to a heated name-calling fest that resulted in the post being deleted. 1,170 more words

Santa Fe

Glorification of a culture or a fleeting fashionization

Many events recently highlighted the issue of Westerners wearing a bindi (forehead decoration), a blackface and/or a Native American headdress at parties. Is this the embracement of a culture or just a vulgar fashionisation? 828 more words

Cultural Appropriation

That Time Vogue Columbused Big Booties

In case you haven’t heard: we’re officially in the era of the big booty. In a very recent article titled as such, a columnist for Vogue Magazine attempted to offer a history lesson on the “recent” emergence of the big booty. 500 more words

'Why Are They So Hostile?!': Trans* Community and the Brown Threat

Following the mounting criticism of Trans* Pride Brighton’s co-chair Fox Fisher’s initial Soundcloud segment, then two subsequent apologies posted on social media (the latter addressing the points I myself raised in… 1,202 more words

Black Activism