'I, The Angry Black Woman'

Nine times out of ten

When I ask you to describe me

I’ve found that the words loud, sassy, and angry

Make an appearance.

And the curves and contours… 456 more words

Social Commentary

Episode 70: Laughing at Fascists and Resisting Islamophobia

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I don't like it part I

When non black people use the N word, I’m moved towards physical violence, k words moved as opposed to resort to physical violence. Meaning I’m q lover not a fighter have been this way for 22years so you can miss me with that angry black woman stereotype.  597 more words

White People

"Dear White People..."

This weekend the satirical film, “Dear White People” will have a limited release in selected markets. The film based on a mythical college campus radio personality purports to instruct White people in ways that will help them not seem racist. 693 more words

Do manga characters seem white to you?

by Agathe Schwaar

Manga are a topic that has been well-researched in  Japanese Studies. However, when it comes to racial identity, we can see strong wonders about the racial identity found in the manga characters. 561 more words


Glastonbury restricts sale of aboriginal headdresses at music festival

Another music festival has taken a stand against (typically white) clueless hipsters wearing aboriginal headdresses as a fashion statement.

Glastonbury Festival organizers have quietly added “Indian Headdresses” to the list of products vendors cannot sell during the event “without prior authorization,”alongside other items like cigarettes, candle flares and alcohol. 474 more words