Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" video has some problems

If you haven’t seen Taylor Swift’s new music video “Shake it Off,” I’ve embedded it above. I don’t think you need to watch it for my commentary to make sense, and there’s no reason to listen to the song since I won’t be critiquing the lyrics extensively– so, if you really don’t like Taylor Swift as an artist, feel free to skip it. 1,060 more words


Don't Panic!

It’s okay everyone! Vice has informed me that Dungeons & Dragons is now “cool again”. If only someone had been around to let me know when it wasn’t. 581 more words


The Problem With Taylor Swift's New Video

The last week or so I’ve tried to carefully sift thru Twitter to avoid getting overwhelmed with trolls and bullsh*t. I actually had 15 different words and phrases muted for several days because, … 493 more words


The Metropolist: Pop Culture of Appropriation: Is Taylor Swift's Shake It Off video the last straw?

First published on The Metropolist

Even when opening drums kicked in, we just knew Taylor Swift’s new video, Shake It Off was going to be jarring. 940 more words

Pop Culture

Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and the Cult of Awkward White Girls

Taylor Swift’s announcement of her new album, 1989, doubled as a proclamation of her pop-star status. “I woke up not wanting, but needing, to make a new style of music,” she said Monday during the… 782 more words


Internet Fail of the Day: This is Not Cultural Appropriation

So, I’m going to write about Taylor Swift. 

I know right? So much for not pop culture… But I don’t want to talk about the music or that absolutely… 192 more words


On T-Swift's "Shake It Off" Video

So T-Swift just released a new music video yesterday off her new album “1989” and she’s already getting hella backlash. In the video, Swift is depicted as dancing alongside various womxn of color who are twerking. 425 more words