Dear White Gays: Stop

 “When a Black woman tells you you’re not being a good ally, you listen; you don’t berate and undermine.” -Yvonne, Associate Editor of Autostraddle

My blood bubbles with fury as I see yet another article published by a white gay men responding to Sierra Mannie’s brilliant piece, “ 272 more words

Why Iggy Azalea Doesn't Deserve All the Hate

Hey there, guys! Time for something a little different. To get this out of the way–I’m not one of those black college girls who writes microaggressions against me on a poster and gets my angry, shame-on-you picture on Buzzfeed. 2,937 more words

Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation- The Shaka Sign

It’s not really that hard to tell that I like throwin a shaka. My profile picture and approximately half of my instagram selfies feature one. Recently, though, I received a comment: “don’t be given no shaka white haole bitch”. 646 more words

It Seems The World's Accepted Blue-Eyed Soul, But What About When Hip Hop Goes White?

I’ve held my tongue for quite some time about the big blonde elephant in the room–Iggy Azalea. Mostly because I am closeted fan, (I mean, have you… 770 more words

Most Recent

Culture ≠ Costume

In a couple of weeks, thousands of North Americans will be traveling to Montreal, Quebec for the Osheaga music festival. A couple months ago, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the Coachella music festival and what attendees decided to wear. 311 more words

Self-Described Black Woman Calls Out White Gays for Cultural Appropriation

The caricature that one day whitey will be blamed for creating, but which Ms. Mannie currently holds dear as a precious aspect of her “black culture.” 984 more words