Old King Tut Was A Wise Old Nut

Recent news out of Egypt has shed light on a conservation controversy involving King Tutankhamun’s gold funerary mask. Reports are sketchy as to the how/why, but the what is clear: beard came off, someone fixed it with non-archival methods.   647 more words

Muggy Monday: Morality

What makes a good person?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I guess I’ve reached the point in my life where I start focusing more on morals and ethics. 740 more words


Why I never liked rap music

I generally like to keep an open mind about various different forms of music, but if there’s one form of music I can’t stand, it’s rap (or hip hop, or whatever else you want to call it). 1,039 more words


Aristotle, Wittgenstein, and Identity Politics

My blog entry on Two Kinds of Liberals raised for me a philosophical knot to be untied, implicating such formidable dead men as Aristotle and Wittgenstein. 1,456 more words

Cultural History


Part of my personal development in the last several years has been to finally internalize that men like long hair.

Yes, they do.

Yeah, I know your best dude-friend and all your BFFs told you your pixie cut was adorbz.   1,217 more words


Feeling for a Path...

Last Sunday, I offered a version of this class for herbalists, healers, and rewilders in Portland, OR. Thirty folks showed up to sit in the fire of not-knowing and choosing to proceed anyhow. 2,594 more words

Liberation Cosmology

Box Hair Braids, Feminist Outrage, and Cultural Appropriation

This is something that I have long-since avoided talking about.  In the world of insane Twitter and Tumblr Puritan Feminism, this felt like the most ridiculous thing ever to be.  1,119 more words