Natural Advertising

I’m the first to jump on a “natural” thing.

Tell me of the “natural thing” in conjunction with any of the popular buzzwords–antioxidents, electrolytes, flushes toxins… 196 more words


#Racist #?

As a young adult it is essentially our responsibility as human beings to maintain some form of social media presence; be it Twitter or Instagram¬† it is more than likely that if we have internet access we’re posting our selfies and hash-tagging our coffee somewhere on the internet. 409 more words

Thoughts on Non-Natives in War Bonnets (aka Hipster Headdress)

A few people decided to skip past the caption I made about the men in headdress in my Coachella post, so I decided to address the issue here by re-posting a Tumblr post I made about my thoughts on fashion and cultural appropriation. 485 more words

Fashion-y Stuff

Lady Gaga, the veil, and the charge of 'cultural appropriation'.

There’s a certain irony in conservative members of a faith that has a long history of invading three continents, countless cultures, institutionalised slavery, building a Mosque on Temple Mount, building a Mosque over the church in Istanbul, destroying the Gods worshiped by others in the Ka’bah, appropriating the centuries old veil as its own, and borrowing Pagan and… 1,607 more words



My father’s ancestry is Nehiyaw (Cree from Alberta)

I grew up with my mother’s family, who immigrated from Finland in the 1950′s. I grew up hearing Finnish in the home, but do not speak it. 877 more words

Finding my Roots

I’m sorry to any of you out there that follow this blog; it’s been a while, and I apologize.

School is fucking hard.

And my life has been sorta difficult for a number of mental heath reasons (As a recent rape survivor, I’ve been hurting a lot recently. 1,112 more words