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The Doctor of Oz: The Quiapo Medical Center Experience

From the timeless tale of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, we’ve come to know about the Scarecrow’s want of a brain, the Tin Man’s longing for a heart, the Cowardly Lion’s wish for courage, and Dorothy’s request to return to Kansas. 1,423 more words


Bridging the cultural chasm: Why international education should no longer be a one-way street

In Australian universities, all students are encouraged to engage in culturally diverse experiences throughout their degrees (Collett, 2008, p.1). Intercultural relationships on campus and in the classroom offer students the opportunity to acquire new values and beliefs, learn tolerance and develop the cosmopolitan orientation required to become global citizens (Marginson, 2012, p.5). 740 more words


Globalisation: The Hero or The Villain?

The concept of globalisation makes reference to an “international community” (O’Shaughnessy & Stadler, 2008, p.458) enlightened and enhanced by “technological development and economic, political and military interests” (O’Shaughnessy & Stadler, 2008, p.458). 405 more words

Speak Up At School

Precept of the Day

The campaign against bigotry involves all of us. Each of our voices matters, and each is vital to creating inclusive schools—schools that embrace the great diversity of our nation.

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A Welcoming Classroom Community for All Students

I am continuing my series on Precepts for the Classroom….

Providing a safe and welcoming classroom is vital to building relationships and community in the classroom. 394 more words


How About We All Stop Using "Schizophrenic" as an Insult?

by J.C. Schildbach, LMHC, ASOTP

One night about two years ago, I challenged a friend for describing his behavior as “schizophrenic.” In an admittedly snide tone, I asked a quick barrage of questions referencing various types and symptoms of schizophrenia: Are you catatonic? 1,469 more words