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The Single Story- Part 1

In 2009 Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche gave TED Talk called “The Danger Of A Single Story.”  It is by far the most powerful illustration of the need for cultural competence, and the harm that ignorance can cause.   699 more words


Sage's Rage: A Psychologist ponders #Titi Branch, Black women & depression

i have failed! my profession has failed; our community has failed. failed from another bright life lost to apparent suicide.

i was so stunned to learn of the death of… 285 more words

Teaching Optimism, by Margaret Martin Barry

Chris Rock’s tweet “Are black men an endangered species? No, endangered species are protected by law,” captures at once the failure to apply our laws and when applying them to do so effectively. 506 more words

Cultural Competence in the Church

I am so excited to continue my three-part mini-series at Missio Alliance discussing topics that are trending in the church! In today’s piece, I address the issue of cultural competence. 265 more words


Cultural Competence Is Not a Luxury

I recently did an informal survey of my child-of-immigrant friends, asking about the worst thing they hid from their parents when they were teenagers. A few of their responses: 409 more words

Race And Ethnicity

Cultural Competence Self Assessment Quiz

Cultural competency is extremely important for anyone seeking a career in education. With the amount of diversity a teacher will encounter (between students, parents, coworkers, etc), being culturally competent will give the teacher an enormous advantage. 243 more words

Reflection: The Journey of Cultural Competence

For us to be successful educators and for our students to thrive in the classroom as well as the real world, we must continue learning about cultures and develop creative plans to maintain equity. 439 more words