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"Let's push the bus!"

Sometimes people ask me about the weirdest thing I have experienced in China and this anecdote always comes to mind. It happened around May 2008; at that time I was a student in Beijing. 404 more words

Life In China

Weekend 1: Going Out with the Danes

It’s hard to believe I arrived here a week ago, bleary-eyed and barely able to take in where I had just arrived. I’m writing this from a cafe called Baresso: it’s the Danish version of Starbucks, which they also have here. 1,205 more words

Pinche blog..!!

**Warning – swear word alert**

I have to admit I swear a lot. Damn has probably been one of my most favorite swear words. It fits perfectly in every occasion. 391 more words


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As I'm still traveling, here's another very early original blog post.!! It's about my favorite topic...no not food...my second favorite topic.!! Swear words..!! Please enjoy and see you for Dos Equis over the weekend :)

What Drives Me Crazy About Germany

Welcome back to the final part of the “Reflections on Germany” trilogy, as I have spontaneously decided to call it.

The last two posts talked about all the great things Germany has to offer such as… 925 more words


Everything old is new again

So it’s been four weeks already since we’ve been back in the US. Everyone’s been asking how we are all adjusting. Honestly? It still feels strange to be here. 662 more words

Cultural Differences

Nanny state - Stato tata

In Australia si vive bene. La vita e’ tranquilla, ci si sente sicuri e c’e’ spazio per tutti. Questo e’ risaputo. Ma forse non tutti sanno che parte di questa sicurezza e tranquillità ci viene “imposta” con una serie di regole e regolamenti, leggi e divieti che a volte hanno davvero dell’esagerato e, in alcuni casi, del ridicolo! 396 more words

My Life

Europe and England after a year away

Back when we used to blog regularly, one of our favourite themes was reverse cultural shock, or perhaps not shock, but at least things about the US that stood out to us in starker contrast after we’d been away for an extended period of time. 492 more words