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Unforgiveable China

I’m a loser. I’m a white trash failure. I’m old. I’m less than a man. These are all things my wife has said to me with the purpose of hurting me during various arguments over the past couple of years. 85 more words


Wanting and Missing

I miss the warm flavours of Navidad, el ponche, the laughs, the fun. I miss complaining about drastic changes in temperature; from cold morning where you need jackets and boots to the midday heat where the only thing you want it’s a cold refreshing drink. 193 more words


Plutarch Heavensbee is working for the ISIS.

I normally follow international politics, but I am rarely interested in military strategy. However, my husband loves both politics and military strategy. He has been following all the revolutions in the near and middle East, from the epic revolutionaries at Myzrata (-Libya – that resistance movement deserves a series of movies) to the newborn ISIS. 363 more words


Culture Clash - How Different Communication Styles Turned Me Into A Monster

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In 1976, Edward T Hall introduced us to the idea of high and low context cultures. Almost 40 years later, these differences can cause a simple conversation between me and my Chinese family to end in the most confusing misunderstandings; often funny, but sometimes a little worrying. 867 more words



Min Amrikaa(In America for all my life, yet I sometimes feel a stranger)

In America we struggle
My wife has a wish for Christmas
I don’t know what it is… 20 more words


Culture Shock: A Foreigner in America

While I have gone through a great deal of culture shock here in China, I can only imagine what it feels like for someone to live in China his or her entire life and then move to America.  2,745 more words

Life In China

Boyoung Kim: A Korean in America


Loved this chat! Boyoung was one of my first friends in South Korea as well as my first co-worker. She helped make my transition to Korea an easy one and positively shaped my experience here! 71 more words