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Passport woes and a miracle

French expats blogs all have at least one thing in common. Actually, strike that, blogs from French expats AND from expats living in France, all have one thing in common. 886 more words

Cultural Differences

English weddings, Turkish weddings: a cultural comparison (part 1)

Over the last couple of months, I have been to more weddings and wedding-related celebrations (hen parties, henna parties, wedding receptions and actual-full-on weddings) in both the UK and Turkey than I would care to count. 763 more words


My journey through school - first step, primary school

Julia is about to close a big chapter of her life, her last year of school is almost over. As we are getting closer to the end, I find myself thinking about these years and my journey through the Australian school system. 634 more words

Australian Life

15 Things I love about England, 15 Things I miss about Japan

Coming home made me appreciate so many things about England, but also the things I miss about Japan. So in no particular order, here they are. 1,304 more words


Yes, there is racism here.

By Sofia

In the wake of the murder of Michael Brown, a not-so-flattering spotlight has been shone upon racism in the U.S. Not only did the shooting show that yes, racism is alive and flourishing in modern America, but it has also lead to renewed and strengthened waves of racism. 795 more words

Cultural Differences

Walk in their shoes - Cultural differences

It’s really interesting how much we can all learn from each other. The best way to realize that is by working in a multinational environment. And I don’t mean a global brand, but a place where you’re surrounded by people from all over the place. 545 more words

The Japanese boyfriend essay

Hello, everyone! ♥

I was thinking a little whether to write about this subject or not, to be honest, because this is one of those sensible topics. 800 more words