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What can snow do to you?

Traveling to different places can be challenging cause it takes time and effort to adapt to the new place, due to cultural differences, temporal chances, geographical etc… Cultural shock has always been a great hinder to enjoying the most from those 4 day 3 night trips. 349 more words


All the Kings Horses

Immediately after writing my dramatically boring post, I received news that I would be leaving the rig the following morning. And so, I fled the rig, returning from whence I came. 375 more words


Day 63

Working in an organisation with a about 80% multicultural staff I find that the connections I make are quite different.

Anglo Australians ask about my previous job to start with and rarely do I get asked my cultural background, although they are not backward in asking about my kiwi accent, about why I came to Australia and how long have I been here. 157 more words


French working attitude

Last week we had our intense Elective courses that took place everyday from 9am – 17pm with a break in between from 12pm – 14pm. That was the week where I got to know more about French work attitude. 662 more words


Clean House and Change the Bedding to Greet the Lava

The gem of a video clip below offers a glimpse into an aspect of native Hawaiian culture of which many people may be unaware. As lava flows on the island, there are vast cultural differences in how the native and immigrant cultures view the event. 360 more words

Cultural Detective

Japanese Podcast #17: being "Asian" and Japanese in Canada


In Japan and Canada, Hitoshi has been asked if he’s from the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and occasionally, Japan. This podcast is about his experiences being lumped into the “Asian” group and being Japanese in one small corner of Canada. 46 more words


My journey through school - high school

Last monday Julia had her last school concert. “Come and say farewell to our year 12 students” said the school’s newsletter. I have read this so many times during the years. 737 more words

Australian Life