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The Chinese Families of Flight MH370

One story that has been dominating Western news networks for more than a month is the mystery of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. As of this article’s publishing, the search to find the missing plane and passengers in the South Indian Ocean is still ongoing, with no definite news on the location of the plane or the fate of the passengers. 1,539 more words

Cultural Differences

Limbo: Edward Kamau Braithwaite

Here is a poem about slavery that plays on the multiple meanings of the word ‘limbo’.  There is a clear reference to limbo dancing under the metal rod that was used on slave ships but the poem also references that state that exists outside of certainty.  202 more words

Crossing Borders

Athletics Carnival: in other words, Physical Performance Test

Eventually,  Athletics Carnival was held at my school.
Due to the bad weather of last week, we put it off again and again.

It was not like a sport festival which we have in Japan, but like a physical fitness test in Japan. 284 more words


You know you’re a French in London when…

…You’re the only one wearing a coat in the street.

Of course it is sunny – Yay – but come on folks it’s only 16 degrees and there is an awful cold wind. 620 more words


Remembering to be Mindful

I never think about certain cultural differences between me and other people when I first interact with them. There are the obvious, surface indicators like race, social standing, socio-economic status (which sometimes is not so obvious), ethnicity or ethnic background, language, nationality; the things you get right off the bat. 514 more words

Belief, Spirituality, Materialism, and Colonialism: Starting a Conversation

“But it is not enough to listen to or to read or to understand the truths contained in stories; according to the elders the truths must be lived out and become part of the being of a person.” – Basil Johnston, Ojibway Heritage… 1,714 more words
Social Justice