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Carol A. Hand

Voices from the Margins is a title that represents one of the central themes of my life. Born into the liminal space between cultures with an Ojibwe mother with a professional career (a nurse) and an Anglo American working-class father with a 9th-grade education, where does one “fit?” Raised with instructions in two religions that claimed to be “the one true faith,” the Catholicism forced on my mother in an Indian boarding school and the Presbyterian faith of my father’s English roots, I learned to question both at an early age. 359 more words

Cultural Differences

Why Do Americans Refrigerate Eggs?

I remember the first time I went to the grocery store in Yemen. I was surprised by a number of things: That there was no cheese section, that there was a separate place to pay for bread and produce, and that I was followed around by a gaggle of curious boys. 565 more words

Cultural Differences

Pit Stop

This weekend I supervised a three day “studi kampus” trip to Jogjakarta with the 12th graders and it was intense. Everyone had matching t-shirts, a banner and key chains were made, and we traveled 500km, twenty hours, by overnight bus to visit Jogja for a day, then traveled the same twenty hours home again.  642 more words


#623 "Is it weird that my boyfriend won't introduce me to his friends?"

Dear Captain!

My awkward problem is this: I’ve been dating this guy for about two and a half months. He’s nice! I like him! He seems to like me! 1,312 more words

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8 Reasons Young Professionals Should Avoid Teaching English in China

First and foremost, this post does not apply to everyone. There are still many enjoyable opportunities in Mainland China that involve the English language, from both a general teaching and business training standpoint. 1,749 more words

Cultural Differences

Day 20 Korean Love Motels

I’ve alluded to the “love motel” phenomenon in past posts so I thought I’d give anyone interested a look into the cheap motel located on the same street as my apartment, the Elementary School I work at and two Korean Catholic churches (Korea’s population density makes these kind of bizarre combinations possible and normal). 154 more words

Cultural Differences


As a member of the Deutschen Alpenverein, or German Alpine Club, every month BV gets a magazine that is chock-full of all kinds of great articles on outdoor activities for mountain enthusiasts. 385 more words