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Who eats Turkey in China on America's Thanksgiving Day?

Turkey is a fowl the Chinese seldom eat. However, eating duck and chicken is common. Duck is even considered a delicacy. In fact, the Unvegan… 368 more words


The Privilege of Complaining

We are reaching the end of our two and a little years here in Nepal and I’m all full of mixed emotions.  I know I should be debriefing. 510 more words

Expat Life

Not Safe For Work

What is it about American culture that really shames people from talking about really natural bodily functions? I suppose if I didn’t belong to this very small minority group of people raised in an extremely cross-cultural demographic, I wouldn’t have had exposure to anything else, but I thank my lucky stars I did! 619 more words

The Japanese approach

Japan hosted a global dementia legacy event in November  (the first was

held in Britain in December 2013).  I read an article recently in the Guardian about dementia in Japan which made me sit up and think about the different cultural attitudes to dementia. 505 more words


France! Day 26: 25/11/14


^That’s from when we had a combined Choral Concert with St. Aloysius, which means ‘suspicious’ in Latin. 1,625 more words


Grayson Perry at the National Portrait Gallery

I was fascinated by the television series on Channel Four called ‘Who Are You?’ in which artist Grayson Perry explored the idea of identity.  I was keen to see the art works he created after meeting groups, individuals and partners around Britain.   266 more words


Minor European Differences

After traveling by plane and car for 7+ hours to Germany all I wanted was an ice, cold glass of water. Our host was so kind and got me the glass and I took a huge swig only to find out it was lukewarm, sparkling water. 635 more words

Cultural Differences