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Oh Hair

My hair is really a lion manes. Like literally brushed out I resemble Cousin It morphed into a sort of lion. I know I have pictures somewhere to prove it, I swear! 437 more words

A Writers Journey

Take Me to Church: Attending a Community Religious Service

Religion is absolutely an integral part of life here in Paraguay. According to the 2002 census, 89.2% of the population self-identifies as Roman Catholic. 6.2% are evangelical Christian, 1.1% are other denominations of the Christian faith, and only 1.1% are “non-religious” or athiest. 838 more words

Mars' Hill and it's Unexpected Incidence

Greece today was not the same city as Greece yesterday. Every day is such a different experience and I was caught slightly off guard because of this. 982 more words

Tea Spy

Six years after the Opium War in 1848, British enjoy tea so much that they built up a tea trade. This trade represented as much as 5 percent of its entire gross domestic product. 320 more words

Cultural Experience


Terry Pratchett wrote, “Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?” (from Going Postal). The past several days here in Lithuania have been filled with remembering, with moments where, perhaps, the dead are not dead because they are not forgotten. 276 more words


Field trip: Hyundai Asan Plant

Our Global Strategies and Korean Business class made a trip to the Hyundai Asan plant (roughly 20 minutes from Sinchang) for a tour! Whoo hoo! Who doesn’t enjoy a field trip?! 633 more words


C/ Santa Teresa 9, Madrid, Spain

In the last six weeks, I have moved to a new country, traveled to three different places by airplane, attended class for over a month, and finally, FINALLY, have created a personal routine. 1,035 more words