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Coast through History at the Heritage Transport Museum

- Surabhi Nijhawan

One of my favourite things to do is go on a long drive, away from the never-ending traffic, blaring of car horns and the usual chaos. 453 more words


Tasting Croatian Island Life in Hvar

I’m wrapping up our whirlwind tour of Croatia today with notes on a place any traveler to the Dalmatian coast would be remiss not to visit – the island of… 1,637 more words

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The Sounds of the Sea in Zadar

The city of Zadar sits at the edge of the sea, charming and unpretentious, welcoming travelers like you and me to the beautiful country of Croatia. 810 more words

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Our Croatian Family Adventure: Ten Days on the Dalmatian Coast

Finally, (finally!!) I’m giving you what you’ve always wanted – tales of our travels in Croatia! Admittedly, what you’ve always wanted is probably more like the opportunity to actually… 497 more words

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Traveling in countries where you stand out because of your physical appearance can be a bit intimidating. Personally I just don’t seem to get used to people staring at me, although the stares are harmless and just curiosity for the most part. 26 more words

Have Feet, Will Travel

Traveling is a way of life, as many travelers would tell you. It’s not just about choosing a destination, booking the flight / train tickets and planning touristy things to do before you begin. 417 more words