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 Traveling in countries where you stand out because of your physical appearance can be a bit intimidating. Personally I just don’t seem to get used to people staring at me, although the stares are harmless and just curiosity for the most part. 26 more words

Have Feet, Will Travel

Traveling is a way of life, as many travelers would tell you. It’s not just about choosing a destination, booking the flight / train tickets and planning touristy things to do before you begin. 417 more words

Cultural Experience

Jousting at the Kaltenberg Knight's Tournament (Ritterturnier)

I know, I know, you want to hear about Croatia. I really will write about Croatia soon, I promise! BUT, we went to the most amazing knight’s tournament last weekend, and I wanted to post about it sooner rather than later, just in case anyone randomly happens to be hanging out in Europe and able to go. 1,081 more words


Translation Tuesday: When Life Gives You Scraps...

When life gives you scraps, make a quilt.

I actually haven’t heard this one used, but it does not surprise me. It is a nice and fun saying that doesn’t involve a reference to alcohol. 32 more words

Southern Life

The Travelogue - Turkish Diary (Part 1)


Mom & Dad, Thank you for Everyting. I am who I am thanks to you.

Anish, thank you for insisting and pushing  me to this travelogue. 1,099 more words

The Start of Summer 2014

Last weekend was the unofficial start of summer. After this past winter, we’ve vowed to spend as much time as possible out and about enjoying the city this summer. 103 more words

Random Thoughts

Prague, Czech Republic

On the 14th of May, I traveled with two friends to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.  This city was one of the most beautiful and enriching cities I have every visited.   865 more words