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Has America Turned Into Amerika?

by Al Benson Jr.

The question asked in the title of this article is one that I have pondered in recent years. As a youngster, growing up in the late 1940s and into the 1950s, I grew up in what we all supposed was the typical American culture. 1,209 more words

Was the War of Northern Aggression a Marxist Revolution?

by Al Benson Jr.

The title of this article is asked as a rhetorical question, as Donnie Kennedy and I have already dealt in depth with this subject in our book… 1,184 more words

Mint Press: Why Palestinian Statehood Poses Such A Threat To Israel

“Israel fears Palestine, as its existence simply denies and poses a challenge to its territorial claims. Everything Israel has done since 1948 has been toward the annihilation of Palestine.

2,430 more words

Canada: "Our Home and Native Land?"

By: Susana Deranger

As people across Canada mark the 144th anniversary of Confederation on July 1st, I cannot find reason to celebrate alongside them.

Every Canada Day, I reflect on the continual theft of my land and resources, on broken treaties, on the genocide of my peoples and the refusal to recognize my sovereignty. 578 more words


News and life ,between elections and security coordination

News and life between elections and security coordination

This is what life looks like recently in news; it is either the Israeli upcoming elections or the topic of security coordination from the Palestinian side. 470 more words