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Gramsci - Prelude to Alinsky & Obama

In the circles of discussion that attempt to understand the philosophical depravity of Mr. Obama, many point to one of his associates and mentors Saul Alinsky.  141 more words

American Communism

50,000 people assembled in Parliament Square to protest against austerity: why wasn't the BBC interested?

Despite the complaints I have made about the dangers to pluralism in this country (click here and here), I am still very proud of how open we are to differing views – particularly ones that differ from the government’s policies. 718 more words


On the immateriality of money - struck by a lightening thought

Isn’t it funny when you are walking down the street or just sitting at home, doing nothing special, and a thought that you had come across a long time ago, or even repeatedly at different points in your life, but that you didn’t think too much about simply hits you like lightening and creates a searing awareness? 353 more words

Cultural Hegemony