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Losing or never learning a family language – how does it feel?

When I tell people what I do and what my book “Bringing up a Bilingual Child” is about, I regularly get to hear comments such as “That’s great!” followed by “Oh, I wish I could speak my parent’s language.” It would be so beneficial for parents who are hesitating whether or not to pass on their heritage language to their children to hear what these adults have to say and how they feel about the fact that they… 473 more words



Before classes started one of the Professors from our school, Dr. David Slater, gave us a fairly long speech about the differences in Japanese and American culture. 622 more words

I literally do not know where I am from.

I just tried to take a survey for some psychological research, and I had to stop after the first page.  The seventh question was, “What nationality or cultural identity do you identify most strongly with?” 359 more words

9 Essential Contacts You Need in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan New Year is a time of renewal. A good time to look your extended network and ensure its links are strong. In a feudal society like ours, formal laws and norms are merely barriers of entry. 1,282 more words

Sri Lanka

Tuesday, 8th April 2014

Watching Alexander Armstrong’s Real Ripping Yarns, it occurs to me that one of the attractions of British public schools might be that they buck the trends of multiculturalism. 176 more words


Q&A with Yije Wang

Yije Wang, a doctoral student in the Human Development and Family Services Graduate Program at The University of Texas at Austin, was selected to receive the… 707 more words

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