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The challenges of being a foreigner

Good day to ya’all!

Since my title is “woman of the world” one of the first things I want to do is share my experience of living as a non-native in a foreign land. 844 more words


The Wanderlust Of The German Weihnachtsmarkt!

Dear global consumers,

With the Christmas holidays right around the corner, it is time to tell you more about the German Christmas market. In one week, most students are going home to spend Christmas with family and friends. 1,251 more words

Authentic Festival

The thing is this. When I read Benedict Anderson’s sociological writings about the Philippines and Indonesia, for example, I felt I was brought closer to the subject because it was expressed in a language I’m comfortable with. 347 more words


Seeing-I | Personal Identity and Virtual Reality

Thanks to the advent of new technologies, we have more ways than ever to express our identities online. The well-publicized OCULUS virtual reality headset has the potential to allow for immersive environments. 350 more words


My Quest for/to (?) Cultural Acceptance

So, I wrote this rather lengthy piece for a class that I have been taking this semester. The style is a little different but it’s part of the collection (well, sorta) of my cultural explorations (or rants, whatever you might think of it).  678 more words

The Virgin of Guadalupe - God's feminine face

A hint of incense, with its sweet scent of mystery and sanctity, hung in the air of the semi-dark church.  Several hundred Mexican immigrants and a few Anglos filled the pews and more stood along the walls.   1,919 more words


On learning a new language: 7 awesome reasons to learn a new language.

I’ve done some talking about the difficulties of learning a new language. I’ve talked about the frustration of not understanding the people around me, about being misunderstood when I try to speak Norwegian, and the anger I feel at myself when I cannot say what I want/need to. 768 more words