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All Rivers Flow to the Sea: Individuality and Korean Buddhism

Just be yourself—is a phrase that becomes a platitude in America as students advance into middle and high school. Honestly, who wouldn’t advise maturing individuals to be themselves? 1,013 more words


On the dark side of the TCK moon

(not the greatest title, I know)

Listening to different streams of Mongolian and Mexican stations lately. Not sure why I torment myself this way. It started off with Mexican radio because I don’t listen to my Spanish or speak it as much and in my alone time I revel in it. 473 more words

Poetry & Prose

No means no

“So. No means yes then, right?”
“No, Joshua. No ALWAYS means no.”

I can’t remember what we were discussing, and to be honest it’s not really that important, but is there ever an unequivocal, black and white, straight down the line, with no explanation, no?

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School Bells Toll Once Again

The months of August and September are exciting times of the year for schools throughout this country.  Teachers and students alike are getting ready for a brand new school year.   576 more words

Civil Rights

Actual Mexican Independence Day (Day 3)


Today, we had a culture competence discussion. I found it very interesting. Culture is what drives me to travel to different countries. Culture is what caused me so much confusion as a child. 1,302 more words

Culture, Language, Identity and the Properties of a Useful Culture Concept for the Indigenous Psychologies, Carl Martin Allwood

Author Information: Carl Martin Allwood, University of Gothenburg, cma@psy.gu.se

Allwood, Carl Martin. “Culture, Language, Identity and the Properties of a Useful Culture Concept for the Indigenous Psychologies.” … 2,242 more words

A Life Overseas - Living Between Worlds

For as long as I can remember I have lived between worlds.

My first memories of life are from a rooftop in the southern area of Pakistan. 434 more words

Third Culture Kid