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South Side Stories Spotlight, October 2014: Cultural Identity

Each month, South Side Stories features digital stories that spotlight the lives of adolescents and young adults from the South Side of Chicago.

This month’s theme is cultural identity. 387 more words

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Feminism & Halloween: Racism, Sexism, and Cultural Appropriation

We will be discussing the host of racist and sexist costumes that crop up around this time of year.  There won’t be a specific presenter, so please bring in plenty of ideas to talk about and any articles you come across! 50 more words

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At certain times, frequently after I had completed my homework, my mother would take my hand and gradually lead me down the sunlit short, narrow hallway of our one-story home in Carmel, California from the dining table where I typically snacked on cookies and did addition tables, to my sister’s room, where my mother kept various textbooks and other academic things. 2,582 more words


Yesterday I Won An Award And This is What Happened

Yesterday  I got an award from the Rome Municipality for my “outstanding journalism effort and achievement at such a young age”. Being titled the Intercultural Award, the prize was for my effort in bringing together different cultures. 622 more words


PERFORMANCE: Kelvin Atmadibrata - Yaranaika? / Mou Ikkai / levan Polka

Via a series of actions –  durational, repetitive and referential to Japanese pop culture, Yaranaika? / Mou Ikkai / levan Polka points to wider questions with regards to regionalism, diasporic anxieties, gender and cultural identity. 85 more words


On Why People Are Not Shapes and Should Not be Treated as Such

Mixed race is not something that applies to my own life personally, so I will preface this particular blog post with a disclaimer that I am not trying to explain an identity I do not personally have with the assumption that what I say is the only thing that can be read as correct. 1,025 more words


TALK: Nguyễn Thanh Thủy - The Choreography of Gender in Traditional Vietnamese music

The Choreography of Gender in Traditional Vietnamese music. My focus is the use of gesture in traditional Vietnamese music from the perspective of being a dan tranh instrumentalist with a broad and international experience. 115 more words