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In Seattle the crowd is elated,

And their target of victory slated:

“We’re not being mean

But the Patriot team

Had its balls and its egos deflated! “

Cultural Literacy

When you see....Literacy

“Literacy is Power”. That saying rang bells to me because being literate can take you so many places. Not only being literate in the way that you know how to read and write but also being literate in a skill. 57 more words

Free Writes

Elements of Literacy

I’m confused on how literacy is a both “stable and transparent” definition. What does that mean?    How does high-stake testing define whether a student is literate enough to move on? 220 more words


In Honor of MLK

A notable man, Dr. King,

Had a vision nonviolence would bring;

A race-blind society

Should be our propriety,

And his motto was “Let freedom ring!”

Cultural Literacy

A Hundred Million Miracles.... A Tribute to Bonnie Brown, A Great Teacher

“A hundred million miracles,

Are happ’ning every day,

And those who say,

They don’t agree,

Are those,

Who do not hear or see.”1

I arrived at my freshman year of college, an undeclared major, without a commitment to a profession.  216 more words

Cultural Literacy

Skipper: More Than One Brick In My Wall

I can’t remember not knowing Skipper. He was my father’s best friend. Everyone called Earl Farnsworth, “Skipper” as he was, among many things, a Sea Scoutmaster. 533 more words

Cultural Literacy