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LTS1: Reactions (First Session - 11/10/14)


I just had my first day of class in NSTP-LTS1. I didn’t know what to expect. I had just transferred to a class knowing almost nothing about it. 806 more words


The Virgin of Guadalupe - God's feminine face

A hint of incense, with its sweet scent of mystery and sanctity, hung in the air of the semi-dark church.  Several hundred Mexican immigrants and a few Anglos filled the pews and more stood along the walls.   1,919 more words


Home Sweet Homestay - living and loving the language

OAXACA, Mexico

Many Spanish immersion programs offer a “homestay.” It’s a real-world setting for using and learning language.  Is that something a middle-aged adult really needs to do?   1,606 more words


Thanksgiving 2014

Given the permutations of a time span of a hundred thousand years, a land surface of a hundred and forty-eight million square kilometers and generations consisting of a hundred billion human lives, I am most fortunate: I get to be me, right now, right here, with the most remarkable wife, family, extended family and friends! 16 more words

Cultural Literacy

Are students college and career ready?

A recent New York Times article explores the investment by revered university into their arts facilities.

James S. Russell says,

Elite campuses across the country have emerged from the recession riding a multibillion-dollar wave of architecturally ambitious arts facilities, even as community arts programs struggle against public indifference.

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(re)defining FEMINISM Promo

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(re)defining FEMINISM 2014