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Ferguson, MO

Whatever the outcome of the Michael Brown investigation, no one can complain that it has not been thorough. Eric Holder is going to Ferguson, there have been three autopsies, numerous eye-witness versions of the event, videos, photos, many stories and opinions, and more. 502 more words

Cultural Norms

Freakonomics Asks, "Should Tipping Be Banned?" The French Would Probably Say So (Or At Least Give a Gallic Shrug)

One of my favorite (American) podcasts is Freakonomics Radio, and they’ve been running a bunch of rebroadcasts this summer. A┬árecent one — entitled, “ 1,043 more words

Expat Life

Evolution of the smile and the inherent ambiguity of signs

Michael Graziano proposes a interesting, and quite convincing, hypothesis on the evolution of a good many human signals, including smiling, crying, laughing, and subtle versions of these. 691 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

Playing by the Rules

I love rules. Rules make my life comfortable, they help to organize my brain, they ensure my husband and I have an hour or so to ourselves in the evenings. 1,149 more words

A Broad Abroad

Look What They've Done to My Song! The Tyrannical Fascism of Normative Culture

I’m not depressed. I’m British.

Well, not technically, but on a spiritual level. Thing is, my manifestation of Anglophilia has repeatedly been characterized by people in this tyrannically “perky or else” culture of ours as some sort of mental disorder or spiritual distemper. 793 more words

Personal Journey

Cultural WTFs

Gender equality is not just about whatever school of feminism you choose to believe in it is also about masculism (mmhmm not sure if that's a word), humanism and above all cooperation and understanding. 684 more words


Alpha male falsehoods

I have a sort of close friend/relative who deeply believes in the alpha male thing. He believes it so much he frequently behaves horribly, and probably due to his alpha beliefs, at least in part, has become an alcoholic. 581 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)