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Authenticity and lies - the great deceit

This is serious stuff people.

I’m a great believer in the magic of childhood. That fairies live under toadstools and the tooth fairy faithfully leaves a shiny coin in return for a perfectly shiny tooth. 483 more words


My Culture is Disordered But I Get the Blame!

I know many are into the biomedical model of mental health that says there is a chemical imbalance (please tell me that you know that’s purely a theory) and that how to fix our broken brains is through so-called evidence based treatments like psych drugs and CBT (which research shows very little evidence for consistent and/or superior results for both) but the above picture illustrates exactly… 360 more words

Madness, Mental Health, Stigma/Discrimination

Repost: Consciousness, Big Data, and FIML

Modern neuroscience does not see humans as having a discrete consciousness located in a specific part of the brain. Rather, as Michael S. Gazzaniga says: 689 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

Ashkenazi Jews are not white – Response to Haaretz article

Every time I read about a Jew somewhere identifying as a white person, I cringe. As an Israeli Jew, who like most other Israeli Jews, is completely foreign to the concept of Jews being “white” I would like to address this article to my Jewish brothers and sisters in America.

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Cultural Norms

Why values are important - Gabriel Branby

This is a talk about the Swedish axe company Gränsfors Bruk.

Cultural Norms