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Other People's Business

My Good Friday was spent thinking about malaria, typhoid, unwanted pregnancies, Hepatitis, Schizophrenia, and marijuana.

Writing about other people’s health concerns in a public blog seems to be a bit of an invasion of privacy, but I have been told that that is also a very American thing to say.  3,040 more words

November 2013

Personality as persona

The word persona comes from Latin, where it originally meant a “theatrical mask.” In everyday usage today, we normally mean it to indicate a “social role” that, to some extent, most of us play consciously. 705 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

Standoff in Nevada resolved nonviolently

This short clip is a great lesson in semiotics. Readers can make of it what they want. So many American elements are there—land rights, grazing rights, gun rights, civil rights, individual freedom, heavy-handed federal agents, and peaceful resolution following courageous citizen action. 269 more words

Cultural Norms

Hot, hopeful and happy!


Kafka – who would have thought it! Why? Because Ashley Lister said to read what you don’t like. I have taken this on as a task to see  468 more words


Fetishized semiotics part two

In a previous post, we discussed how semiotics can become fetishized and why that matters. In today’s post, I want to continue that discussion. 507 more words

Cultural Norms

Why Wouldn't I Be All Right?

“You All Right?”


“You All Right?”

“Um, Yes?”.

Since arriving in the UK two-plus months ago, this has been a frequently occurring conversation opener, yet I still have not gotten used to it and am always surprised when I hear someone ask me “are you all right?” I have become accustomed to hearing greetings like “what’s up,” “how’s it going,” “how you doing,” or even the, seemingly, outdated “hello”, with mild variations in wording of the four; so every time I am confronted with “you all right”, I am taken a back. 472 more words

How should a human be?

I’ve managed to arrange my life so that I work really hard for a couple of months and then take a month off. Having just finished a big assignment I didn’t have much of a plan of how to spend my time off. 752 more words