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Tweetus Interruptus

After a recent tweet failed to send, I ended up in my Twitter Drafts folder for the first time. I was surprised to see that the handful of Tweets I had posted while on a trip to Shanghai last summer were sitting in the Drafts folder with “Failed to Send” labels. 32 more words

Energy Conservation at Home Needs Real Time Data

In the United States, sustainable progress most often takes the form of ways to engineer a more efficient version of the status quo. Products that allow for a reduction in net resource use while allowing customers to live the same way are seen as a win/win. 1,231 more words


Beauty is in the eye of....

In my Human Behavior and Appearance class we have recently been studying what makes people find others attractive- and we have looked at many different theories.   759 more words


fake What?

My six year old teaches me a vast amount about body acceptance. Her litany “You mustn’t change who you are momma!”

I wish I had felt this way growing up. 470 more words


Race and the 2014 election

Kevin MacDonald

Race again loomed large in the 2014 elections. The CNN exit polls showed that Whites of all age groups, both sexes, and all social classes voted Republican. 23 more words

Cultural Norms

Just Lookin' - Part III

This is the third in a series of translations of emails between my language partner and me about how Chinese people might feel when stared or looked at by strangers. 342 more words

Sexual "equality."

*”Masturbation is a beautiful thing.”

*Unless you’re a man. Then, it’s just gross and sexist. Because how dare you not value a woman for who she is on the inside!