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Merry Christmas

From our homes to yours.


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Cultural Observations

The Reverse: Things Australians Find Strange About America

Since living here, a lot of Australians who have traveled to America have had some fun observances to share with me upon learning that I am American. 505 more words


Heading to Christmas

As we head to Christmas, there is the realization that our lives have settled into a kind of go to work, go to cardio rehab mundane existence. 2,075 more words

Cultural Observations

Shei shei, lovely Taiwan

It’s been about eight years since I’ve traveled to a country as developed as Taiwan. From the first day, I felt like a child on her first trip to Disneyland—I oohed and ahhed over the smallest of things, many of which you just don’t find in countries that are less developed, such as clean, wide sidewalks that you can walk on without worrying about where you step; orderly traffic that doesn’t make you feel as though you’re under attack every time you cross the street; people politely lining up, even when there doesn’t seem to be a need; and an absolutely amazing public transportation infrastructure that could put my hometown of Portland to shame (and Portland is praised for its own system!). 438 more words


Moroccan Culture through the eyes of a foreigner...

Cultural Observations…

I can not boast encyclopedic knowledge of the Moroccan culture, but I can offer you my observations of this incredible country and share with you my experiences from along the way… 1,349 more words



I was in a local Starbucks this morning putting a flyer on the message board when a guy with a goatee and argyle sweater said to the cashier, “Hey boss, toss me the key to the John?” Nothing wrong with that, but I figured out that moment that I have no interest in getting to know someone who would say, “Hey boss, toss me the key to the John?”

Cultural Observations

Of haunted hotels and serious sightseeing...

I confess that aside from the thrill I felt after booking my plane tickets, my first jolt of excitement came when I heard we’d be staying at the Grand Hyatt in Taipei on the first part of this trip. 793 more words