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Catching Butterflies

Portraits of France… (Catching Butterflies)

Les papillons dans l‘air,
One by one we catch them,
These pieces of une vie étrangère,


We trap them with our lens, 208 more words

Apprendre Le Français

Trekking Salkantay

The last time I talked about the Peru trip, Ben and I made it to Cusco. We took a taxi to our hotel, Hotel Arqueologo… 3,452 more words


embarrassed to be 40...almost

today marks forty days til i turn forty years old. a while back, in an anticipation of this approaching milestone, i set some goals for myself. 706 more words

Cultural Observations

Seeing Taylor Swift on GMA in Times Square

Taylor Swift was on David Letterman the night before we went to visit, so I figured she was appearing at other places in NYC this week to promote her new album. 442 more words

Travel Experiences

Unintentional Souvenirs

I have several magazine subscriptions on my ipad, one of which is “France” magazine. It’s a British magazine geared toward people from Great Britain who travel in France for pleasure. 939 more words

Apprendre Le Français


Last week, Halloween. This week, St. Martin’s Day!

I am currently attending a DaF (German as a Foreign Language) class that uses as its content discussions of what is typically German ( 776 more words

Experiences Abroad

Cultural Observation of the Day #2: Holes

By holes, I mean specifically the holes found on the side of papers in Germany. Also, I should probably have tried to save one cultural observation for tomorrow, to get a sort of routine started, but I was thinking about the spices yesterday and the holes in paper today… plus, I’m sure I’ll notice something else to comment on soon. 478 more words

Experiences Abroad