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The God of Zeros and Ones

Here in the information age, we have found a new God.

He is always on.  He is always with us. He calls to us first thing in the morning, and he is the last thing we see before we sleep.  939 more words

Cultural Observations

Mosquitoes in Alaska

Mosquitoes in Alaska are no joke. The photo above is from the North Slope of Alaska. I have gotten mosquito bites in unmentionable places…they love to suck my blood. 56 more words

Travel Experiences

Grocery Shopping in Rural Alaska

Where I live in Northwest Alaska food is either a) gathered via subsistence living (hunting, fishing, growing, etc) or b) delivered via airplane.  We have one grocery store… 154 more words

Cultural Observations

Evangelism on the Boardwalk

I took a 5-day long trip to the Jersey Shore during the week of July 4.  Monday afternoon to Saturday morning.  But my feet never touched the sand.  1,493 more words


Sorry, not sorry

Have you all seen this new Pantene commercial that tells women to stop apologizing? I just came across it the other day and I’m really confused by it. 315 more words

Musings And Meditations

Winding Down in Taiwan

(Ed. note: Thank you to all who commented on Terry’s blog – it makes us feel wanted.) Well here it is Sunday morning – our last full day in Asia for 7 weeks. 813 more words


The Four Hour "Tour"

In a effort to see more of Taiwan, we left the city one afternoon and went off with a small group tour in a van.   The other two people were a young German woman with a French name and a Chinese woman living in Australia. 919 more words