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No More Roosevelts

I recently watched The Roosevelts a new documentary by Ken Burns on PBS and marveled at both the bravado of TR and the gusto of FDR in overcoming polio to obtain the Presidency. 435 more words

Cultural Observations

Dear Europe,

I feel that I must register this one small complaint against you. You have ruined my life in one significant way:

Apparently, many many people in Europe have a nice cup of espresso in their own homes every day.   458 more words

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Kindly grandfathers would never be politicians

After hearing former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor immediately retired from his post after losing a state primary in Virginia I was more than a little suspicious. 301 more words

Cultural Observations

What does an active community look like?

Link to PBS event

This past Saturday I just happened to click on the start of a PBS townhall discussion concerning the recent police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. 628 more words

Cultural Observations

Tale of the Redskin

As I’ve been accessing my e-mail account lately I’ve noticed that the Redskins professional football team has begun pumping advertising dollars into defending its longtime offensive mascot name. 427 more words

Cultural Observations

Mechanical Food

When I was a kid I used to go to high school basketball games on Friday nights like all other kids in my small town. Similar to today, most of my time was spent not watching the game, but out in the lobby talking with friends about girls or eating junk food. 442 more words

Cultural Observations

Christmas in July?

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. In a land that invented lunch-ables and light beer pretty much anything can happen, right? Still, I guess I hope somewhere in the mix we could learn a few things and obtain a little consciousness here or there. 189 more words

Cultural Observations