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Cultureless Bastards

I am a cultureless bastard..Period. I belong to multiple cultures..The one my parents belong to, the one my parent country taught me, the one my parents country expect from me inspite of never having lived there,the one the places i have been to for studies have inculcated in me..And well so on and so forth..Everywhere i have been to i have been looked down upon because of my being from a certain culture..or not..I mean of u go for a country like india..based on the very minute detail of which god u bow down to there will be an either looking up or looking down let alone  factors like sexuality or ideologies..depending on who is the majority in that area..And if you are amongst your own so called people..You will definitely be looked down upon if you dont bow down the exact way and the exact number of times that the others do to the same god. 466 more words


To Adapt, or Not to Adapt, That is the Question

Why would the average person move to Saudi Arabia? For many it is all about the luxuries, such as cheap gasoline, luxurious houses and a good salary. 618 more words

Living In Saudi Arabia

Thoughts from a Polanco Café

This post was written several weeks ago on a trip back to Mexico City.


I’m sitting at a sidewalk café in Polanco, with my MacBook open. 1,533 more words


On Adventurous Day Trips, Cotton Candy and How I Got a New Name

Some people here believe that friday is always the hottest day of the week.

Walking down the road to the gate, my floor long abaya wiping the dust after me and my black hijab covering the majority of my head, I was on my way to the place where a friend and I were supposed to be picked up by another friend of ours, to go to a place called Al Batha souq with the rest of our group. 1,329 more words

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The Kindness of Saudi Strangers

I used to be a very nice person, back when I was a child. I am not saying that I am not a nice person anymore, but back then I was more focused on doing at least one good thing for somebody every day. 844 more words

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Snack Japan: "Italian" Ice

OK, I admit I sort of chose an easy snack for my first Snack Japan post. It was a strange combo, yes, but bacon always makes everything better. 310 more words

Cultural Observations

Excuse Me, Are You One of Us?

Sometimes, when the sun is shining and you are on vacation, you decide to grab your stuff, finally put on that swim suit again and go finish that English reading assignment by the pool. 933 more words

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