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Photo Gallery - Running of the Bulls; Pamplona, Spain

Almost on an afterthought, E and I decided to head to Pamplona a few days ago to catch some of the Festival de San Fermin. The weeklong Basque festival kicks off each morning with a ceremonial running of the bulls made famous – for us Americans, at least – by the late, great Ernest Hemingway. 1,118 more words

Erin J. Bernard

Can we please stop referring to our television marathons as "binge-watching"?

Sitting in an airport terminal a few weeks back, I found myself drawn – more by sheer proximity than by particular interest – into a conversation playing out between two women reclining against a row of seats a few feet to my right. 1,322 more words

Erin J. Bernard

From "ghetto/slum" tourism to "dark/death" tourism: the absolute hyper-modern world trend of travel industry [images]

Slum tourism is one of the fastest-growing niche tourism segments in the world. Often consisting of affluent Westerners, slum tours are becoming more prominent in the Global South. 436 more words

Cultural Phenomena

The hypermodern fetishism of Tarantino's girls

[…] In truth, these fetishistic girls unveil fetishes. They are unveilers of cars, unveilers of the phallus. Their laughter is the physical sign of the unveiling. 413 more words

Cultural Phenomena

The (very long) cultural history of pain

Speculation about the degree to which human beings and animals experienced pain has a long history…

On 16 April 1872, a woman signing herself “An Earnest Eng­lishwoman” published a letter in the Times. 192 more words


Reverie on Sound, Part II: India

The first thing you notice about India is the quiet.

The unexpected bursts of it, I mean – tiny little salvos of Nothing dotting the rumbling compunctions of this country’s inevitable chaos, flattening you in the most unplanned moments. 1,275 more words