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Type As, We Need to Chat: An Open Letter from A Well-Meaning Type B

Dear Type As:

I know you’re really busy making the world a better place and all, but can we talk for a just minute about Type A people? 2,962 more words

Cultural Phenomena

Willing Flesh, Weak Spirit: Are We Being too Hard on Underachievers?

Do you ever fantasize about your own personal Path Not Taken?

I don’t mean the path that would have led you to a better-paying career, or a nicer partner, or a different, cooler city to live in. 1,163 more words

Erin J. Bernard


What follows is an exemplary form of critical journalism/thinking:

If you’re a Facebook user chances are you’ve probably seen a popular “meme” regarding Iceland. It’s the one that supposedly quotes some Icelandic politician who was asked something like “Why has Iceland managed to do so well after the economic crisis of 2008?” His response was something about punishing bankers and letting the people decide on the new constitution, followed by the statement that these policies are “the opposite of what the US does.” You don’t remember that one? 617 more words


The Scary Monster: I gave English names to 160 South Korean children and learned that I suck at diplomacy

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”


Beware the power of names.

At some point in your life, especially if you decide to procreate or to accept some other lesser posting of absolute authority, you might be called upon to name something. 2,511 more words

Erin J. Bernard

Kicking Puppies and Taking Names: Why We Misbehave in Elevators

If I could ride in an elevator with anyone, either living or dead, I would most definitely pick Sigmund Freud.

Not because a 30-seconds-long vertical journey would be time enough to permit any kind of meaningful psychological exchange between the Good Herr Doktor and I – it’d be time enough to summon a pithy, off-cuff interpretation of last night’s bad dream, perhaps, or if he had his pocket watch on hand, to flirt with the stirrings of hypnotic stupor, but then it’d be time’s up. 1,684 more words

Erin J. Bernard