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The Budapest Observatory

There’s has been a great increase in cultural policy data, research and commentary in recent years, reflecting culture’s greater importance in the postmodern world, and facilitated by the ease of modern communications. 278 more words



Over at the Sydney Review of Books, I’ve got a long-form review essay on two of the latest books out on Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and the British phone hacking scandal. 435 more words

Cultural Policy

Jo Caust on Australian cultural policy under Labor

Respected South Australian academic and consultant Jo Caust has a new paper out in the International Journal of Cultural Policy. Entitled “Cultural wars in an Australian context: challenges in developing a national cultural policy,” it’s the first detailed academic examination of Australia’s tortuous journey towards a national cultural policy during the six years of the Rudd-Gillard Labor government of 2007-13. 577 more words

Cultural Policy

Freeing creativity

In about two weeks, I am going to Nantes to be the Moderator of the first Open Conference of the European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA).  The theme of the event, and, indeed, the idea that gave birth to the ECIA, is Cross Sectoral Innovation –  How the creative industries can stimulate innovation in other sectors.   762 more words

Creative Industries Development Agency, CIDA

The Arts as a Vector of Social Cohesion and Development in Canadian Communities

This year’s Walter Gordon Symposium is co-hosted by Massey College and the School of Public Policy and Governance, and explores the oft-overlooked subject of public policy in the arts. 633 more words

Public Policy

Values, evidence and public policy

Calvin Taylor

It is now an established aspiration for policy making to be based upon sound evidence and research principles, and the fields of cultural policy and the creative industries clearly demonstrate this. 603 more words

Learning from New Labour

Kate Oakley

As we enter 15 months of electioneering, the legacies of the last Labour Government and the Coalition will be contrasted and fought over. The financial crisis and subsequent recession and cuts have dominated public debate and have shaped the Coalition’s cultural polices so strongly that it is difficult to determine what they have been, beyond retrenchment and some minor attempts to boost private sponsorship. 665 more words