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Remembering A Chinese Liberal Hero

Twenty-five years ago yesterday, a senior Chinese politician named Hu Yaobang complained of dizziness at a meeting in Beijing, and asked to be excused. Moments later, he collapsed with a fatal heart attack. 26 more words


Quote of the Day

In 1970, when China was in the grip of the Cultural Revolution, Zhang Hongbing, a 16-year-old in Guzhen, a county in Anhui Province, made a fateful decision.

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China: Waxing Nostalgic For Hardship, Death, Destruction, And Personal Betrayal

When we first came to China in 2000, we lived in the northeast, the heartland of what used to be called Manchuria. While most Americans find it difficult if not impossible to travel to North Korea, we knew several Chinese people who had gone over the nearby border as tourists or on business, and at least one who had actually lived there. 1,267 more words


Book cover finalized for The Crystal Monkey

It seems that Cedar Fort  Publications has finalized the cover for The Crystal Monkey.  The only change really is the tagline has been added as well as the words “A Novel.”  Here it is.

Mao's Little Red Book in China and Beyond

China Power

The Diplomat speaks with Alexander Cook, editor of a collection of essays on Mao’s Little Red Book.

Image Credit: Flickr/ Robert Huffstutter

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How to apologize for the Cultural Revolution without blaming the Communist Party

It’s been 25 years since Chinese forces opened fire on students encamped in Tiananmen Square. But that’s recent history.

Too recent for anyone to start apologizing for their conduct. 338 more words

Red Guard Suppression

The Cultural Revolution; In 1967 the Chinese Communist Party had recently moved to suppress the extremist Red Guard youth movement. By then the Red Guards were viewed as a threat to national stability and not as a beneficial wing of the Cultural Revolution. 33 more words