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Impeccable Traveler in Korea (Expectations!)

안녕 친구!!

Last post for ze’s travel in Korea! Below, are some of the things you should at least expect, “state the obvious”.  Prior to my trip to Korea, I have done some research to prepare myself before touching down and boy, am I glad I did! 870 more words



Looking up high to see how the branches and leaves move and its reflection of the sky is always my spontaneous habit 217 more words

Project #365

The No-Bullshit Guide to Cultural Shock

Friends and family always ask me how I’m doing, if I’m missing Mexico, and how do I make living so far away from everything I know and love look so easy? 679 more words

Sunny Thoughts

Aqui mija-se...sentado / No peeeing while standing, Mr!

A primeira vez que vi este sinal foi em casa duma amiga alemã. Colado no autoclismo, centrado com rigor matemático para que não houvesse a menor possibilidade de passar despercebido. 903 more words


Sao Paulo Day 1 - Food

First day on the Brazilian soil. Warm day, amazing people. Even though I encountered the famous long call waiting time while I tried to get my sim card registered (and still not done yet), and the Lost in Translation at its best, it was a great start in this country. 536 more words