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It is summer 2014 and am in Washington DC walking and talking to a friend. Raising up my head I noticed two men pass us holding hands and talking like lovers.

Day 249 – Courtesy & Stuff.

Money Spent: $0.

Generally speaking, I’m proud of my roots: Belgians have delicious food, tasteful beers and amazing chocolate. In fact, we rock in the field of sweetness and desserts – in my humble opinion – which is deadly to my no-sugar diet, really. 516 more words

The Pursuit Of Riches

Choque Cultural

It’s been almost two weeks and my little university neighborhood in Cocha is starting to feel like home. After moving to college, it took me two or three days to internalize the layout of the campus. 2,539 more words

Culture Shock... What's that?

I’ll be honest, I used to laugh at the idea of culture shock and reverse culture shock.

Now for me, I do not think I have had culture shock in any of the countries I have gone to. 416 more words

Gilman Scholarship