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Di Social, meteo e Giacomo

I cinesi come social network principale hanno oggi WeChat, gradevolissima e ben fatta applicazione che mischia insieme WhatsApp e Facebook.
Stamattina ho fatto un esperimento sociale: 149 more words


You can't park on a roundabout!

Apparently you can. In Italy.

One of the most challenging things about moving abroad for a longer period of time is the so-called cultural shock… 280 more words


My cold adventures in Calgary - Part I (of many)

The first thing about this post is the fact I’m writing it in the beginning of September. And it is about snow, and cold. And it’s September. 1,050 more words


My name is Rita, R-I-T-A. My name story

From all the things I needed to be prepared for culturally this wasn’t for sure something that crossed my mind often.

How difficult can be for people to actually pronounce your name properly? 357 more words


Switzerland vs. The Netherlands: First Cultural Shock

When you are an expat, people always want to know what are the problems you encounter with the culture you are living in. For the Dutch culture, my answers would be: 758 more words

Clash Of Cultures

10 Steps to Become A Local Laowai

The writers from “My New Chinese Wife” provided me with this awesome infographic that helps you to integrate into Chinese society and ultimately become a local laowai! 274 more words


4 things you should be prepared for in your first days abroad

We actually found out that the first night in a new country is usually the worst one. You suddenly find yourself in a new environment where you don’t know anything or anyone. 723 more words