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Devils Triad; introduction

My ancestors had come from Smyrna, known as the birth home of Homer; it was said that it was there were Homer first wrote The Persian and Spartan War, and introduced us to the Trojan horse; in addition it was in Troy where he wrote The Travels of Odysseus. 2,617 more words


Spinzilla Update, July 21st

The Warmis Phuskadoras/Cloth Roads team has increased to 12 spinners representing 4 rural communities in the municipality of Independencia, Bolivia. I’m going to take this opportunity to familiarize readers new to the blog with background information. 740 more words

Club De Artesanas

July Visitors and Fiesta

July’s highlights were the technical assistance provided by visiting mother and daughter Debora and Selina Petschek and the Fiesta del Virgen de Carmen.

Selina spent 6 weeks working with the Club de Artesanas members and Huancarani weavers in early 2013. 687 more words

Club De Artesanas

About Nothing

‘Seinfeld’ ran for nine seasons on ‘NBC’ from July 5, (1989), to May 14, (1998). It was created by ‘Larry David’ and ‘Jerry Seinfeld’.

Set predominantly in an apartment block in ‘Manhattan Upper West Side’ in ‘New York City’, the show features a handful of ‘Jerry’ friends and acquaintances, particularly best friend ‘George Costanza’ , former girlfriend ‘Elaine Benes’ , and neighbor across the hall ‘Cosmo Kramer’ . 101 more words


After the IRS the American left thinks it can do anything it wants

What is one to make of this?

The chairman of the Federal Election Commission today blasted Democratic colleagues opposed to his effort to protect conservative media after they imposed rules on the publisher of Rep.

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Walking in another man's shoes

By Dana

Last Sunday after going to a local church we had to face one of the most difficult tasks since a long time. We were in groups of 4 to 5 and were give 250 Rand ($25) to buy groceries for a family of four that would have to last a month. 111 more words