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Education, kids and the culture of impunity

I ask this as follow-up to questions that Society member Juana Pilipinas fired up about how to end submission as a way of life that feeds into the culture of impunity here in the Philippines. 906 more words

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Silence, the dark shadow of impunity in the Philippines

I so very much appreciate the comments people make in the discussion threads to the articles posted here. They inspire my thinking. The points made in different comments at different times often come together to spark an idea. 1,713 more words

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FCS Seafair Princess

Dear Miss Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS) Seafair Princess Candidate,
On behalf of the Filipino Community of Seattle, thank you for your interest in our… 277 more words

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The Pope and the Philippines

A few reflections on Pope Francis and the Philippines.

Summation: A triumph!

The big question: Will it have legs? That is, was it a showtime event, or an event with lasting significance? 1,052 more words

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A touch of compassion for Philippine atheists . . .

It struck me that atheists must be going nuts right now. And maybe Muslims, too. Or how about INC members whose new arena can’t come close to matching the grab power of Pope Francis on wheels? 555 more words

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A little change of plans

You know, I probably write smack better than most in the Philippines.

“Smack: a disrespectful comment made to or about someone.” (One of 42 definitions cited in the… 1,211 more words

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The Book of Allegory

This blog has the echo of a prior writing, but we have a lot of new followers, so I’ll tread that ground once more. It may explain a few things. 1,219 more words

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