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Why Filipinos should convert to Lutheranism

Now religion is a tricky topic to take on, but I’m sure we can do it without too much apoplexy. Just keep in mind that this is an intellectual blog, a discussion forum, where ideas are open, denigration of others is rejected, and spiritual matters are left to the individual. 2,501 more words

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A battle of the gods in Manila: the Rizal statue

I love the invigorating panoramas of nature, of seascapes and rugged rocky mountains, of sunsets and rainbows and rice terraces rising from sea to heaven, of glacial ice fields and storm-swept coasts and lighthouses in the mist. 1,060 more words


Are there any Filipino philosophers?

How much politics can we take, eh? Or dealing with Philippine media and its pandering, sensationalist ways. It is time to get cerebral.

Are there any Filipino philosophers? 944 more words


Filipino ethics: inside out

It struck me that I am a ship out of water when I argue for ethics in journalism, here, in the Philippines. Like other cultural constructs, the matter of “ethics” has a different shading in the Philippines. 910 more words

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Taytay Church’s Historical Tablet of 1992


In his writing titled “Salaysay ng Parokiya ni San Juan Bautista” dated 17 February 1992, the late Honorable Vice Mayor Serving de Leon, a leading parish church worker, presented the history of St. 551 more words


Kris Aquino: the Philippine National Empath

Did Star Trek run in the Philippines? Are there any trekkies hereabouts?

Star Trek was a highly popular television series in the US, with the original weekly series running from 1966 through 1968. 1,056 more words

Culture And Arts

Rappler journalistic ethics: modern or just plain bad?

I will be doing several articles about Philippine media. Philippine media play a huge role in shaping the Philippines. I believe their output too often works against the well-being of the nation. 1,891 more words