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Mar Roxas and weaknesses in Filipino character

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

The recent incident of Mar Roxas being captured in a photograph slipping on a motorcycle while not wearing a helmet is to me representative of bad character. 420 more words


The continuing occupation of the oligarchs

by josephivo

(1) Wayang kulit and the Philippine political reality

A wayang kulit (= Indonesian shadow theater play) is the political reality we are looking at in the Philippines.

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Binay does not have to be declared guilty to get thrown from the presidential race

One of the great differences between America and the Philippines is the existence in America of what I will call the “community’s force of conscience”. It is a very important difference. 1,431 more words


The connected Filipino; running naked in the forest

I wonder what it is like to be born into the world of computers and instant communication around the globe where dramatic photos can be uploaded to the world in the middle of a disaster or insults registered around the globe in 141 characters. 1,642 more words

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Of perverts and sovereign states

Let me drop off this blog before hitting the road for one of my family’s annual explorations of Philippine tourist delights. I may not be able to tend to comments diligently, but I trust you can deal with this unusual topic with the normal wise maturity of Society members. 1,876 more words