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Filipino ethics: inside out

It struck me that I am a ship out of water when I argue for ethics in journalism, here, in the Philippines. Like other cultural constructs, the matter of “ethics” has a different shading in the Philippines. 910 more words

Philippine Government

Kris Aquino: the Philippine National Empath

Did Star Trek run in the Philippines? Are there any trekkies hereabouts?

Star Trek was a highly popular television series in the US, with the original weekly series running from 1966 through 1968. 1,056 more words

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Rappler journalistic ethics: modern or just plain bad?

I will be doing several articles about Philippine media. Philippine media play a huge role in shaping the Philippines. I believe their output too often works against the well-being of the nation. 1,891 more words


One of the Country nominated for the search of the Tourism Star Philippines 2014

Larena, Josefino Jr. Tulabing a true blooded Negrense ,coming from Bais City and Sra. Acion San Jose, Negros Oriental together with Negros Tourism Operations Officer I  Maritoni Somoza Mascardo made the spotlight in Central Visayas as the official nominated for the search for country Tourism star Philippines 2014 .Tourism Star Philippines is a recognition program to honor tourism front liners and individuals who go the extra mile in giving the tourists delightful experience. 121 more words

Summer Reading

Currently, I’m working my way through Ed Falco’s, The Family Corleone (Grand Central Publishing, 2013), the “prequel” to Mario Puzo’s The Godfather (Putnam, 1969).   Set in the early 1930s, the book’s events essentially expand upon certain themes and issues that Puzo mentioned in his original work, with a lot of filler to explain how Vito Corleone established his criminal organization. 331 more words

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A French Surprise

While visiting a local used bookstore today, I came across a volume I’d previously heard of, but had not seen. Specialites de la Maison, published in 1940 by the… 460 more words


In the style of Nancy Binay

It seems to me that men aspire toward “attitude” and women aspire toward “style”. That’s why advertisements aimed at men feature strong, handsome, athletic types slinging bottles of beer across the room and giving some gorgeous babe a lascivious look, that, of course – in the commercial – she falls for. 1,837 more words

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