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Why is there such historical animosity expressed by Arab to Jew?

Following ten days of missiles raining down on both Gaza and the southern coastal regions of Israel, the Israeli military has launched another ground offensive into Gaza with the intent to: … 2,005 more words


Librarians and Civilization

As usual in Wicklow town the staff in the local Library are incredibly helpful and saved me a fortune in books by sourcing copies of volumes on loan I was pricing on the Internet. 875 more words

Oran Ryan

Simple Name Change

I’ve been becoming an Apple guy for a while. I have a iPhone, I bought my parents a Mac mini for Christmas, and if anyone asks what tablet they should buy I always¬†say, iPad (and maybe one or two Kindle Fire recommendations). 540 more words

Culture And Politics

As an Iraqi citizen who lives in the U.S., my life now consists of daily debates about politics. The situation now in Iraq is, well least to say, bad. 389 more words

Culture And Politics

So What's Going On In Iraq Now?

The nation of Iraq has been fixed firmly in the western conscience for over twenty years. Ever since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990 and proclaimed it the 19th province of Iraq, it has been a place that has both intrigued and entangled the western powers. 970 more words


Increasing Pakistan's revenue generation capacity

As part of a project, I along with my fellow prospective economists from LUMS worked on a shadow budget for the year 2014-15. In doing so, I found a number of resource generation areas, which if successfully tapped can increase the fiscal space of our country. 920 more words

Culture And Politics

The Bergdahls: Muslims? Christians? Traitors? Patriots?

For five years, citizens of the United States have waited, wondered and prayed for US Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl who was taken into custody by the Taliban on June 30, 2009 after leaving his outpost (OP) in Afghanistan. 1,062 more words