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Well Hello There: Honey Maid Responds to the Haters

First it was the Cheerios backlash for having an interracial family and now, the Internet Trolls don’t want to see that, nor LGBT families, single fathers or any other familial paradigm beyond a nuclear family with 2.5 kids. 216 more words

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The Men Who Left Were White

 We’re re-publishing this brilliant essay, The Men Who Left Were White, with the permission of the writer, Josie H. Duffy. Disclaimer: I’ve never met Josie, but have a lot of friends in common with her and I’ve heard she’s great. 2,125 more words


Commending Cinematic Discernment

Noah (2014) is Gnostic!

In his post, “Sympathy for the Devil,” Dr. Brian Mattson connects the dots and demonstrates The Noah movie is not a Bible movie, but it’s “creative license” was issued from the Kabbalah, and other Gnostic sources, from the bodiless Adam and Eve at the beginning of the film, to the circular rainbow at the end of the film. 335 more words

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You're Not Middle Class Millennials. You're Just Poor.

It’s time that we’re honest about this. You’re not middle class, Millennial America or middle class Millennials; you’re just poor. Like vanilla is plain and the sky is blue, you’re just poor.  1,110 more words


What is Happening in the Crimean Peninsula?

The news headlines of the last few weeks have been filled with events in the Ukraine. As I have observed the reaction of Russia to recent events in Kiev I have been reminded of the importance for Christian observers of world events to watch and pray. 958 more words


Disenchanting neurosis: Consenus of depression

Tortured souls who seek salvation from the torment of the coercive, aggressive and vexatious, are bounded and refer to the routine formulas of society.

Let it not be implied by the title that there is an inherent beauty associated with depression. 220 more words

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