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Filling in the Blanks on the Life and Death of Ian Paisley

Among the King James Onlyist writers I used to read back in the height of my fundamentalist zeal, one of the more scholarly, by comparison, was David Cloud, whose work may be found at his website… 936 more words


Self-Defense is a Human Right

If you didn’t watch the video of Ray Rice punching his then fiancee, you would have believed that he tried to murder her. Yesterday evening, while listening to the Dave Thompson show, Dave took the position that the Ray Rice debacle was… 318 more words


For Women, Sex is Power

The Spearhead has a deceptively simple yet excellent analysis into the Jennifer Lawrence leaked pics “scandal”:

“Good” sexuality is when a woman profits from it in one way or another…

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Burger King is moving to Canada

I’m hearing a lot of commentary with Burger King moving to Canada. This isn’t news to me. Medtronic, based in my home state, recently announced they are moving their legal headquarters to Ireland. 88 more words


Mian Sahab Jaan Diyo!

Before you start reading, I would like to alert you that this is a biased and a highly subjective piece, written less on the basis of argument and logic but more on the basis of emotions of millions of Pakistanis. 1,031 more words

Culture And Politics

Cubs Game Ruined?

I’m no fan of Obamacare, but I think the Cubs are the reason Cubs games are ruined.

Culture And Politics

Truth and Memory, 1914-2014

In The Missing of the Somme, his 1994 meditation on the legacy of the First World War, Geoff Dyer suggested that ‘in terms of remembrance the years 2014-2018 will represent the temporal equivalent of a total eclipse. 2,115 more words

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