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All stainless steel is rust-proof, right?

The simple answer is no. Just because it is stainless steel does not mean it will not corrode! We have been working on a few different projects which require stainless steel recently and choosing the correct grade requires knowing the environment you want the material to work within. 117 more words

Suzuki GSXR1100 / Kawasaki Z650 Hybrid

Simply put, what we are doing here is inserting a GSXR1100 engine into a Kawasaki Z650 with the mono-shock GSXR swing-arm.

Why? We want great performance coupled to the classic motorcycle frame aesthetics appropriate to achieve the finish of a late 70’s/early 80’s café racer. 182 more words

It's about time!

We thought it was about time we showed you what we are up to in the workshop as we have lots of interesting projects on. Here’s a quick summary of our work in progress for you…. 64 more words