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1951 Indian Brave Concept

We have been musing this for some time, what we have is the bones of a 1951 Indian Brave that we will be subtly bringing back into life with a few modern comforts. Watch this space…

All stainless steel is rust-proof, right?

The simple answer is no. Just because it is stainless steel does not mean it will not corrode! We have been working on a few different projects which require stainless steel recently and choosing the correct grade requires knowing the environment you want the material to work within. 117 more words

Suzuki GSXR1100 / Kawasaki Z650 Hybrid

Simply put, what we are doing here is inserting a GSXR1100 engine into a Kawasaki Z650 with the mono-shock GSXR swing-arm.

Why? We want great performance coupled to the classic motorcycle frame aesthetics appropriate to achieve the finish of a late 70’s/early 80’s café racer. 182 more words