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Secret Santa

Scouring charity shops
for Mike’s secret santa gift,
Sandra was surprised to stumble
across a Nik Kershaw in Age Concern.

It was a riddle as to how… 131 more words

Odds And Sods

Extra English: The Importance of Social Clubs in EFL

As we are growing up, our parents usually force us into a plethora of social clubs and extra-curricular activities. Even though “Easter Football Camp” still haunts me, I have fond memories of trampolining, kickboxing, Greek school, swimming and drama club, just to name a few! 778 more words


It's the 80's man

Music, it’s a great medicine for your soul. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music. Rock, pop, classical and then you have all the eras. 45 more words


'Tis The Season To De-Stress, Not Distress.

In the frantic blur that is the countdown to Christmas, it can be all too easy to forget to enjoy the festive season. With cards to write, presents to wrap, and a seemingly endless list of festive chores to tackle, taking time out to enjoy what is happening in the moment can feel like an ill-afforded luxury. 200 more words

Genesis Vs Culture Club - Is That Really All? (Mashup by Sjoersje)

Wow, fantastic!!! Here are two great 80’s pop songs by Genesis and Culture Club mashed together in all the right places by DJ Sjoersje – excellent job! 34 more words

Pop Music

Gay Civil Rights Timeline, or, Life's a Bitch, and So Am I!!!

Recently I had occasion to look back at gay civil rights, and I was flooded with an unfamiliar emotion…gratitude. While I am screeching like a harpy for marriage equality and haranguing my fellow gays for not voting, I sometimes lose the sense of how far we have come in the last 40 years or so. 210 more words

LGTB Rights

Equality and Diversity On Every Bookshelf

by Kenneth Miller

LGBTQ+ Young Adult (YA) literature has been the subject of controversy and debate since its conception. The “obscene” nature behind the love stories of queer protagonists who are depicted as morally-sound, sexual creatures has led to the banning of certain works in conservative schooling systems and libraries. 947 more words

Kenneth Miller