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A World Without Gays

Culture Shock- that uncomfortable feeling that one feels when faced with an unfamiliar culture.

Since the gay blade is such a kind, loving soul, almost grandmotherly, really (stop snickering, people that actually know me!) I have decided to include in this week’s blog a… 219 more words


Our Europe

Wednesday evening  we had a very interesting Culture Club. Elena and Peter, two young Danes, spent one year travelling around 24 European countries trying to understand the current situation in Europe. 464 more words


Karma Chameleon Sculpture

Karma Chameleon Sculpture

        There is more than one chameleon in my summertime garden, introducing my Karma Chameleon wood sculpture. The chameleon can see in more than one direction at one time with his stereoscopic eyes which makes him well suited to see the changing of the seasons. 67 more words


calm a chameleon

no-one was more wizard
at placating a lizard
than Boy George
(who would disgorge
thoughts Aristotelian
to calm a chameleon)


Time Don't Give Me Time

That lyric makes no sense, Boy George. Maybe it makes sense in the clock of the heart, the parenthetical title to that song. Or is it “Time” in parentheses? 737 more words


Happy childhood memories

Today I just feel like dancing! I remember being a child – full of innocence and not a care in the world. One of my happiest memories: dancing around the TV room. 93 more words

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