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Culture Jamming

Final Ad

(brush tool to turn shirt pink, cut and past to place cig in her mouth, smudge tool to give her a smirk, clone tool to clean everything up) 46 more words

Culture Jamming

Lievrouw: Alternative and Activist New Media

Lievrouw, Leah. Alternative and activist new media. John Wiley & Sons, 2014.

Lievrouw argues for five genres of alternative and activist new media: culture jamming, alternative computing, participatory journalism, mediated mobilization, and commons knowledge. 379 more words

Media Studies

Culture Jam: Artist Statement and the small story behind it

(This has been sitting in my drafts for a bit)

Smile for the Camera

At first it was sketched out as a basic idea and made in illustrator, Smile for the Camera is a project I made with the intent of being a type of message where you either had to look close or take a second look just to spot it. 473 more words


Culture Jamming

Being able to watch Shrek in class was a fun time.  Being able to point out all the intertexuality was pretty interesting.  I never did realize just how much of the intertexuality existed in that movie and it made me think about other movies and even song that use this form of communicating. 465 more words