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“Never forget:

Scared people are bound to show you their worst.

People who feel loved, on the other hand,

will usually show you their best.

~ Danny Silk


why the single life is not celebrated

I’m 25 and single.
And I love it that way, for now.

I originally wanted to – and actually did – write an article titled “20 reasons to love being single in your 20’s”, but I didn’t publish it. 1,262 more words


I long for a world where we seek to see and understand each other’s souls – rather than seek to make assumptions, criticisms and judgements about or based on what others do, practice, and believe. 13 more words


“Love WINS

because love BELIEVES.

It looks for the best in an effort to understand others.”

- Danny Silk


the secret to happiness

There was a man who used to sell newspapers on the side of the street. I used to pass him every morning on my way to class as early as 6.45am (yes, for a student that is a morbid time to be up and driving) – and he stood there everyday from about 4am every morning. 1,663 more words


“Whoever is happy will make others happy too” – Helen Keller


every man was created a gentleman

I truly believe with everything in me that every man, nomatter how rude, disinterested or vile he may appear, is a gentleman on the inside. In most instances it is a case of allowing him to be it for you. 1,147 more words