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Anonymity: Pros vs. Cons 3/3

On his analysis, Fontana (2014) asked simple but yet difficult to answer questions: ‘Where is that data stored? Who owns it? Who has access to it? 773 more words

Eudcation & Human Rights

Anonymity in MENA Region 2/3

‘Anonymity does better when it accompanied with awareness and education’ says Ahmado (2014). Ahmado hides her/his identity as an activist inside Syria, but at the same time admits that this anonymously doesn’t protect its holder from been revealed by a malware or hackers attacks. 324 more words

Eudcation & Human Rights

The Power & Price of Anonymity Online 1/3

Free use of the Internet has opened the way for the creation and accumulation of innovation and spread of knowledge. Though that it facilitates social, cultural and political interactions across the world, today, this freedom is in jeopardy due to the desire of Internet providers (IP) to play the role of censorship, surveillance and preference of some services over others in name of public and nation protection. 280 more words

Eudcation & Human Rights

photo of the week: diving for the cross

Today is the Epiphany known as Ta Fota  in Greece. That’s why I dug into my archives to decided to post this photo as today’s Photo of the Week.   161 more words

The Greek Islands

in athens: christmas images from greece

Kala Chistouyenna! Merry Christmas!  Kales Giortes! Happy Holidays!

Wishing you happy holidays from Greece!

For my Christmas card to you I wanted to share a few holiday images you’d find in Greece if you were to travel here during the Christmas holiday.

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Travel Around Greece

5 reasons why you absolutely cannot judge someone else

I’ve done my share of traveling around the world, meeting many people of different backgrounds, beliefs and walks of life. Everyone I’ve met has had their own ‘normal’, their own prejudices, their own ideas of the ‘truth’, and perceptions of right and wrong. 1,648 more words