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European Convention "enshrines" traditional concept of marriage

There is no fundamental right to same-sex marriage says European Court of Human Rights.

From the Iona Institute:
A couple of years ago, former Tanaiste and Labour party leader, Eamon Gilmore, described same-sex marriage as “the civil rights issue of this generation”. 246 more words

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Is this where the gay narrative finally begins to crack up?

As another corrupt narrative seeks to assert itself in the canon of political correctness we may be tempted to ask ourselves if this might not be the beginning of the unraveling of an earlier narrative which has been poisoning our culture for nearly half a century. 1,616 more words

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Deadly guidelines for doctors in Ireland

Ireland’s ironically designated Department of “Health” took a further step today in prescribing death for countless children awaiting birth in their mothers’ wombs.  It has published its guidelines for doctors to follow when women come to them seeking abortion on the pretext that they are about to commit suicide because of an unwanted pregnancy. 431 more words

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Now we know where the septic tank is

Louise Mensch @LouiseMensch tweeted recently:
“So that story about all the Catholic babies of unwed mothers dumped in a septic tank? Completely false. AP retracts. Shameful, shameful.” 16 more words

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Harry Potter was just more time wasted

They said Harry Potter had started a revolution and had got kids across the world back to reading books. It doesn’t look like it if this chart for American kids can be relied on. 93 more words

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