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Stormy Seas Again

I thought it was only a matter of time before the relative calm in Rochelle’s life would end; I had been fairly certain it would be either her mother’s health or the breakdown of her car that would cause the stormy seas to break out again; it was the car. 400 more words

Black Family

Better not look down

It is apparently only okay to talk about how bad things used to be if you contrast it with how great things are now.

Things used to be overwhelmingly terrible and are now just ordinarily terrible! 38 more words

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Paul Ryan's Comments on Inner Cities' "Culture Problem"

Ta-Nehisi Coates over at The Atlantic wrote about Paul Ryan’s recent remarks about urban poverty, placing them in a broader cultural narrative about poor, black, inner-city men in particular: 334 more words

Fear of Failure

“I don’t care if I don’t get the permanent job; I’m happy to stay a cashier,” Rochelle told me yesterday as we were eating breakfast during our interview.  321 more words

Black Family

White people are poor because of their culture

Paul Ryan has been in trouble recently because of his comments about the “inner city” poor and their culture of laziness and dependency. Ryan’s courage in standing up to the PC Nazis is admirable. 901 more words


The Cowardly Ryan Has No Heart

Another example of why Republicans can’t maintain respectability came this past week when Paul Ryan, chair of the House Budget Committee, walked back his statements regarding the culture of poverty that exists in the inner city. 815 more words


The Emergency Room

 Most of Rochelle’s family use the hospital emergency room as their family doctor.  Many don’t have health insurance and wait until there is an emergency to go to the doctor.  538 more words

Black Family