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Why Beer?

I get a lot of strange looks when people ask me what my interests are. Sure, everything is fine as I run through lists of things I love but when I inevitably land on ‘beer’ as an interest, most people look at me with that look that is the perfect combination of confusion and judgement. 751 more words


How to survive uni on a tight budget

Originally published on Hijacked. You can visit their homepage here.

Students have a long-standing reputation for being financially savvy. Whether it’s op shopping, car-pooling, or buying discounted meats, most find a way to survive on a tight budget. 696 more words

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Breaking the dragon lady stereotype

In light of the Ban Bossy campaign, I thought I’d post this piece that I wrote for Hijacked (is my self-promotion that transparent?). You can visit the… 726 more words

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Why I won’t be protesting with March in March

“The purpose of March in March Australia 2014 is to provide the people of Australia with the opportunity to come together to protest a unity vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government over the weekend of 15th & 16th March, culminating in a march on Parliament House in Canberra on Monday 17th March 2014” – … 907 more words

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Sexism in the skies - Air New Zealand's skimpy safety video

Whoever is leading Air New Zealand’s marketing team is seemingly doing an impressive job. They’ve taken the traditional, lackluster format of aeroplane safety messages and transformed them into comedic repertoires. 469 more words

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