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Culture. Noun. The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
Synonyms: civilization, experience, proficiency, enlightenment
Antonyms: Morgan Sinclair

I, Morgan Sinclair, feel like one of the most uncultured people on the face of the planet. 570 more words


When real Americans come to New York

On March 13th THE REAL AMERICANS opened Off-Broadway at Culture Project for a five-week run.  I’m sharing this link to an interview I did with writer/ actor Dan Hoyle for… 27 more words

New York City

B-boy Taisuke

The first time I saw Taisuke is in Fukuoka.In The same event I met Nori,It was Red Bull BC ONE Asia final.He’s men with few words in my first impression.But after few meetings and interviews.He’s such a person with determinations and care.It’s hard to not notice how thoughtful he is and How his personalities bring him to the high level that no one can imagine in his young age.I admire his bull and clever thoughts.It’s a real successful story. 730 more words


B-boy Nori

The first time I met Nori is in Fukuoka,Japan.He just won the BC ONE Asia Final.We didn’t talk much beside the interview for magazine.But now,he’s standing in front of me again in Tokyo.We met for so many times and finally become sort of friend.To all my dear friends,I represent one of the most successful b-boy in our generation. 679 more words