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Understanding the Relationship of Christian Morality to Public Law

As the years pass by our world is becoming increasingly secular. People profess loud and proud “you can’t legislate morality.” The secularist are attempting to silence the Christian and more importantly wanting to silence a Biblical worldview. 488 more words


What Intel's $300M Diversity Budget Can Teach Other Businesses #diversity #Intel #technology

Intel Corp. recently announced it will allocate $300 million to build a more diverse workplace. That’s quite a tidy little sum for the technology sector, which has come under significant fire for its lack of diversity. 376 more words


My New Year's Resoution is to Preserve the Status Quo?

There is a tradition every New Year’s Eve when people talk about what resolutions they want to make for the new year. The end of a year can prompt us to sit back and reflect on the past year – what has gone well and what has not gone well. 1,001 more words

"It's Not Your Clothes...

…It’s what’s inside.” – from What Happened to the Kids, by Noi!se, on the decline of today’s youth.

I know the intent of “what’s inside” means it’s what’s inside you rather than what’s inside your clothes. 158 more words

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What makes an inspirational teacher?

Following this weeks #riddlemethised slow chat on inspiration I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what makes an inspirational teacher, how to feel inspired and how to make learners feel inspirational. 697 more words