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Tuesday Tickle: Culture Shift

I love characters that are enthusiastic about their jobs, especially when it’s areas that most people wouldn’t find interesting. These guys are a lot of fun, simply because they are absolutely fascinated by what they do for a living. 401 more words

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Culture Shift

Theorists like Phyllis Tickle have said that in western Christianity there has been a major cultural shift every 500 years where a new type of church has started that affects all Christianity. 167 more words

Shift & The Silly Little Bleater

I think this blogger is right (http://da.rryl.me/2012/eschatology-in-the-last-battle/) in saying that The Last Battle is not a parallel of the Book of Revelations. If we treat it as a simple allegory of Lewis’ eschatological views, we’ll miss the brilliance of his work. 2,167 more words