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marbles in your mouth

so i’ve been here 2 full weeks now and i can pronounce approximately none of the Danish words i have been introduced to. but what i am learning is that to sound kinda sorta maybe Danish, all you really have to do is follow a few simple rules: 74 more words


WW: Culture Shock

WW: Culture Shock

So I’ve been reading The Wise Man’s Fear, by Patrick Rothfuss. I’m about two thirds of the way through–it’s a long damn book, and it’s taking me like a week to read it, but it’s totally worth it. 1,042 more words


Jolly Old England - Part 2

Arriving in England

England definitely lived up to its wet reputation from the beginning! As we were landing, water droplets could be seen on the plane windows. 676 more words


Culture Shock and Spidersilk

We all have things we want to explore in our work — it is no secret. As the stage for Spidersilk is intimate (character-focused), I am dealing with a few quiet (or in some cases overlooked) issues such as culture shock, isolation, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as things I tend to address in all my work (prejudice, stereotypes, etc). 2,433 more words


Takin' that ride to nowhere

We didn’t get official leave, but we went anyway. There is nothing to do at the school – grades are in, students are gone, and our next semester schedule was yet to be determined, so we couldn’t prepare for spring. 670 more words

How to get yourself to speak a foreign language

Hélène Rybol is the woman behind the Culture Shock Toolbox, a website for expats and international students – or future ones – and travelers, filled with musings, checklists and mantras. 433 more words

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How Italian I am not, Part II

A while back, I wrote a blog to help those of Italian-descent identify whether they could blend in while visiting Italy (or at the very least, avoid from sticking out too much).   2,006 more words

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