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I can’t breathe in Hong Kong and it’s not just because of the air quality

When you first travel to a new place, it’s hard not to be excited and absolutely love it. You look at the place with eyes of excitement, seeing infinite potential for adventure and discovery in this unknown territory. 1,914 more words

Hong Kong

Driving Home for Christmas

I underestimated how strange it would be returning to England and my family. Of course, everyone warns you that it’ll be slightly strange: I had the same experience on my first return from university. 603 more words

From Lagoon to Bush

Reverse culture shock is not something that is easy to deal with… especially when you think you are coming “home”..

Last week I arrived back to Sydney with my two girls, we arrived all excited and ready for our Christmas holiday. 404 more words

Well, that was weird: Things that surprised me about the US

Whenever I tell someone I grew up close to Mexico City, they say things like “What a drastic change” and “Wow, how are you adjusting here?” Before I moved to California, several people (Not of the helpful sort) warned me about “Culture shock” and how heartbreaking it would be to move so far away from my family (40 hour drive fyi). 1,406 more words

General Happiness

That... was unexpected

I had a thought on Monday morning, as I was riding up the elevator to the office on the 19th floor, take away coffee in hand, ear buds in my ears, key card snapped to my jacket pocket, that it felt like one of those mornings you hear about just before a tragedy. 1,346 more words


10 Reasons Why You Should Never Study Abroad

Studying abroad will ruin even the strongest of people. Not only does culture shock run rampant, but falling in love and heart break will also break you down. 618 more words

Culture Shock - Raindrops / Troglodyte VIP [RAM Records]

Culture Shock returns to RAM Records with a pair of dancefloor rollers to close out the year. A side Raindrops provides a solid if not wildly interesting slice of melodic D&B (albeit one which has already caused a certain amount of… 84 more words

Drum & Bass