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Seeing a Familiar Face in an Unknown Place-The Fight Against Homesickness Starts

From the day I arrived, I was in the honeymoon phase with Japan. I was absolutely in love with whatever I saw. The Japanese McDonalds by the train station? 1,050 more words

2014 Fall Blogger

Le Premier Goût de Paris

It still has yet to hit me that I am in Paris, the city that I’ve heard about all my life. I think that it’s actually been less of a “hit” and more of a gradual realization as, every day, I see more and more of the culture and people of this remarkable place. 662 more words

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Culture Shock: It Goes Both Ways

America. The grass, it was green. I found myself in the Chicago, O’hare airport staring out the window (which was so clean you wouldn’t even know it was there) at the beautiful grass. 1,036 more words


#NotInTamba | The joys of reverse culture shock

After spending nearly 8 months in Senegal, I took a two-week holiday to Paris with my parents and Oxford with my boyfriend. Needless to say, this whole trip has had a healthy dose of reverse culture shock and essential rejuvenation. 332 more words

To my No. 1 Fan

I think I am a pretty funny (and totally amazing) person.  I like to think that the whinging that I do on my little blog is taken with a grain of salt.  577 more words


Romans brought Papyrus but not Paper, Tunisia

Culture shocks come in a multitude of guises. For the most part, Europe is now a land of toilet paper. It comes in as many distinct designs and patterns as there are differences across the European continent, but the same cannot be said of the Arab World. 215 more words


First Full Day in Kathmandu

Soooooo here it goes,

The only way I can describe my initial reaction is by saying that it was congested, surprising and unfathomable. I actually used the word unfathomable. 576 more words