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New Arrivals

If you are newly arrived to korea, don’t freak out! I’m not talking about the ‘OMG I am in Korea’ freakout, I’m talking about the ‘I don’t understand anything and hate it here’ freakout. 494 more words


A card with my address

I have arrived! From what I can tell, Chennai is loud, crowded, hot, diverse, and well—dirty. It is the polar opposite of where I have lived for the previous year—Switzerland. 325 more words


I ain't been dropping no eaves, Sir, honest!

Inspired by today’s daily prompt on eavesdropping

For the past two years, I haven’t been able to properly eavesdrop. Everything was in Dutch, which was frustrating and freeing at the same time. 431 more words

Culture Shock

Back in Morocco: a new perspective

So it’s my last full day on the continent; I fly out tomorrow for London.

It’s been a hell of a trip. “Trip of a lifetime,” as many people have said, though it never felt like it at the time. 1,865 more words


Oh Canada

The closer I get to my departure from the great white north, the more I try and soak in all of the things that I’ve come to quite possibly take for granted here in Canada. 575 more words

Salve da Firenze!

Hi all! 

I’m officially typing to you from my new apartment in Florence, Italy! I’ve been here for 24 hours, and in Italy for over a week, and am still in disbelief that I’m actually here. 1,129 more words


Korean Squatting Toilets!

I really had to go. We’d been walking around for hours in the Damyang bamboo forest in Korea and all the water I drank to stay hydrated wanted out from my body. 489 more words