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"Selfies": Key to Identifying “True Beauty,” or...the Exact Opposite? 

Earlier this year, the website “Unlooker” posted a short documentary involving professional photographer, Michael Crook. Crook launched a project at a school in Massachusetts encouraging young girls to use selfies to identify their true beauty. 403 more words


Through the Lens [Ft. Carly Goteiner]

Click on images for a closer view.

I like this particular pairing of Carly’s photographs as they represent, quite differently, solitude amidst largeness. In the first photo, the individual stands alone but is surrounded by people, modern architecture and the beacons of commercialism. 307 more words


Minneapolis, Coffee, Delight, and other things...REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

~ This past weekend I was in St. Louis, Missouri on the latest leg of my Drinking in the Culture Tour. I was sitting in a little outdoor café sipping my coffee in a trendy little part of the city. 793 more words


Rise Of The BRICs & MINTs? Global GDP 2012 Vs. 2050

Can the MINT regions compete?

A decade or so ago we started to hear about the rise of the BRIC regions: Brazil, Russia, … 242 more words

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Saving your marriage and starting a revolution...REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

My wife had kicked me out of the house and I felt like everything was caving in on me

~ Last month I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania visiting with readers and fellow bloggers on my Drinking in the Culture Tour. 893 more words


Street Kids and Sweet Potatoes

It wasn’t until recently that I really noticed the children in the background of this photograph. If you look closely, there are three. One sitting on a swing, one standing and pushing another child whose arm you can barely see. 2,221 more words


"I missed my damn plane!" REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

God I hate my life!

~ I was sitting at an airport terminal on Friday and the mid-30ish woman sitting next to me was clearly in a bad mood, 866 more words