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Just a few hours away.....REALLY!!!!

The Culture Monk Website is a mere breath away from the 2015 re-launch…..

Come  back at 8 PM EST (7pm central).

Aren’t the best things in life worth waiting for? 74 more words


The Hobbit, American Sniper and Love of Your Fellow Man

I went to see the latest Hobbit movie with my family today.  As we drove home, I started thinking about the sacrifices made by the characters in the movie, and the motivation behind them.  1,344 more words

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An experiment in writing with the earbuds in, listening to my "Soul Music" playlist

“Stuck.” One of the first words my first little one used, not including “Mama,” “Dada,” and maybe “Up.” A crucial word to know, really. An acknowledgement, a confession, a plea. 575 more words

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AGENDAS: The Primary Factor Needed to Establishing Tyranny

I had to step out of a ‘debate’ over gun control today.  I have gotten better at doing this.  I still cannot handle irrational and intellectually dishonest people, but at least I have learned to step away from them.  938 more words

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The New Ukraine is Run by Rogues, Sexpots, Warlords, Lunatics and Oligarchs

The new minister for economy, Mr. Abromavičius, knows that the country is in fact bankrupt. “To expect that we are going to produce real as opposed to declarative incentive programs is unrealistic,” he declared. 162 more words

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Herbal Medicine in Iran: Natural Health

Herbs are still widely used in Iran, in a variety of ways from cooking to perfumery to medicine, and more.  With Iran’s diverse climate and the growth of about 8000 species of plants, with approximately 2100 species used in medicine, this makes Iran a natural in the herbal remedy world. 54 more words

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A Sure Sign of Social Decay

This may be a short post, but I hope you will understand the magnitude and scope of what it means for America (and the Western world in general).  349 more words

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