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Fake facts and feeble flaws....REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

~ All this week I’ve been discussing opinions and suggesting that more often than not what you believe to be a fact… 660 more words


"The Race Card"

“Everything is not about race.”

It’s true. Most things humans experience in their lifetime are not directly tied to race. Things like finding a reason to get out of bed in the morning, paying bills, educating your children, and feeding said children have little to do with race on the ground when they are happening. 477 more words


Music's New Genre: ISIS Funk

““ISIS Funk” is similar to many of Mohamad’s other songs, which are cynical reflections of a tragic reality. Despite the fact that she has released only a few songs, her most popular songs “I Love Death” and “I’m From Syria” went viral in civil activism circles. 121 more words


Everyone is living in a bubble...REALLY?

By Kenneth Justice

~ I was sitting at coffee the other day and two people were arguing over global warming,

It’s a fact that the earth is warming and that the average temperature is increasing in heat every year… 671 more words


Well that's just YOUR opinion...REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

~ It’s inevitable, it really is;

—) like drinking too much alcohol back during your college years it’s inevitable that you’re going to end up kneeling in front of the porcelain throne… 372 more words


The old man & the sea

Yesterday morning I had the privilege to go out fishing with Mel’s uncle. David must be in his mid-seventies and has spent his life going to sea, his first voyage at just fifteen years of age. 442 more words


An Open Letter to Picky Church-Goers

Dear Church-Goer,

I think we both can agree that one of the most controversial topics among Christian church-goers for the past several decades (perhaps centuries) is that of worship. 1,340 more words