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"I missed my damn plane!" REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

God I hate my life!

~ I was sitting at an airport terminal on Friday and the mid-30ish woman sitting next to me was clearly in a bad mood, 866 more words


Bad Fashion Friday (Sunday Edition): This Ugly Thing

They’re called “Palm Cuff Bracelets.”

We’re trying way too hard to find the next “best” thing in fashion. The entrepreneurial spirit is a great one and may very well  define our startup generation, but sometimes you have to wonder how something like this passes through enough people to make it to market. 23 more words


Fun with Charts: 420 Edition

Here is a fascinating chart I built using Google Trends, to show the search interest over time (between 2004 and 2014) of “420 the holiday (blue),” “Cannabis (red),” and “Domino’s Pizza (yellow).” It looks like April of 2012 was an especially popular time for all of these search terms. 40 more words

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The Eviction of the Indigenous People of Diego Garcia

Producer Andrew Tkach and correspondent Christian Amanpour report on the hushed up eviction of the indigenous people of Diego Garcia to make way for one of America’s most strategic air and navy bases. 8 more words

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John Kerry Fooled by Fake Letter to Jews

A letter urging the Jews of Donetsk to get registered, which the US Secretary of State cited in Geneva, is a fake says a man whose signature appears on the communication. 68 more words

Videos & Documentaries


Social Media has had many effects on lives as I’ve written in previous blog posts. But now we can see that Social Media has become a medium for activism and raising awareness. 694 more words

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Praying in Public for Those Who are Hurting

Pastor Brian Jones is the minister of Faith Baptist Church in Rockledge, Florida. On several occasions he has mentioned that when dining in public, he will, before he prays, pause and ask his attendant if there is something he or she would like to have prayed about. 521 more words

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