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I knew the NEWS...REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

~ What is NEWS? Before the invention of the printing press there weren’t really any newspapers.

—) In ancient Roman times people would scribble a type of graffiti on the sides of building… 176 more words


"That's not how the NEWS works sir!"...REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

~ Nearly a decade ago one of those MASSIVE Freeway-Signs that are connected to the overpass bridges came loose during a violent windstorm (it had recently been replaced and not attached properly) and came crashing down upon my SUV and sending me careening into the side of the expressway. 550 more words


About E.M. Forster's creativity and the critical perception

When British author E.M. Forster published his novel “A Passage to India” in 1924, few could imagine he would soon fade out of the literary scene. 697 more words

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Convert or Die: Which Would You Choose?

Each day the world is learning the truth about the blood-thirsty prophet known to history as Muhammad, and his modern day radical followers. In AD 627, Muhammad committed a violent and bloody atrocity against the last remaining major tribe of Jews in Medina, the Qurayza. 460 more words

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The Problem Is In The Hyphen

I don’t like being called African-American.

I’ve always been pretty fond of being an American. I come from a military family from Texas — patriotism is required. 776 more words

The Media wins again...REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

~ This morning I woke up to NEWS reports of protesting turned to rioting last night in Ferguson, Missouri. Apparently the Governor of Missouri has dispatched the National Guard in an attempt to reestablish order. 257 more words