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Deep Water Sources

There is always a reason for our wilderness experiences.


Day 22: Deep Water Sources


Peacemakers suck...REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

~ Last week at coffee I sat with a Jewish lawyer friend of mine and we were talking about the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, 426 more words


Video: How to Stay A Virgin

Things have been fairly heavy on Sex & the Sanctuary so I figured I’d lighten things up a bit on this Humpday. Earlier this week I asked on Facebook how people who have committed to abstinence, either as a premarital principle or for another reason, maintain that commitment. 261 more words


Current Events: The War on Women

Inside: War on women; Teach the children well; Stalkers; The a-hole preacher

I am not a feminist. I need to say that up front so that you won’t be surprised if/when I say something unintentionally ignorant or polemic. 1,847 more words

News & Politics

Rethinking EVERYTHING...Really???

by Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday at coffee I ran into a friend I took a few college classes with back in the day,

Kenneth, I’m thinking about changing my entire life. 460 more words


The Control of Nature

By John McPhee

Synopsis: While John McPhee was working on his previous book, Rising from the Plains, he happened to walk by the engineering building at the University of Wyoming, where words etched in limestone said: “Strive on–the control of Nature is won, not given.” In the morning sunlight, that central phrase–“the control of nature”–seemed to sparkle with unintended ambiguity. 659 more words


More than a little bit lonely...REALLY???

By Kenneth Justice

~ This past week I was sitting at coffee and an 86 year old dude struck up a conversation with me,

467 more words