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Ten reasons why we should establish a Catholic Monarchy for America

(Written in 2012 with minor modifications here)

The Catholic Monarchy is our only lasting hope of saving the United States of America.

The proposition above is not commonly heard in political discussions and media reporting. 1,677 more words


Am I Mad? Episode 34: Video Game Derp Is Worse Than Old Person Derp

This week Alison Lührs joins me to discuss our generation’s apathy towards midterm elections and also how Gamergate is a load of bullshit that obviously has nothing to do with journalism ethics. 60 more words

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Internet bullying

So, when is it okay to dox somebody? Reveal their real name and address on the internet? Threaten to hack their accounts? Threaten to get their social security numbers? 311 more words

Religious freedom in the Monarchy versus the Republic

(Written in 2012 – slightly edited here)

Nothing against George Weigel (which means I’m about to say something against George Weigel). I know and respect that he is a towering figure in the lay Catholic world who wrote the highly acclaimed biography on John Paul II. 1,624 more words


Inherent Misogyny and Misogynistic-Misandry: The Case of Rape and Other Injustices

Global fund for women

A friend of mine recently was trying to raise awareness for a non-profit organization that helps survivors of rape. Here is what the website for this organization, Global fund for women, states: … 3,381 more words


Why the need for counterrevolution?

(Written in 2011)

The United States of America, no longer under the influence of its own revolution, is now under the influence of THE Revolution; that is, the spirit of the anti-God, anti-clerical, atheistic Revolution that destroyed the thousand year old Catholic Monarchy in France and which later directly inspired Lenin in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (he often referred to the French Revolution). 739 more words