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The Republic vs The Monarchy: The Will of the People vs The Will of God

“In the Legislative Assembly, the more violent revolutionaries had congregated, at first simply by chance, on the higher benches to the left of the president’s chair, from which they became known as “the Left” or “the Mountain.” (The persistence to this day of the former term, along with its opposite, “The Right,” is a forceful reminder of how much the legacy of the French Revolution is still with us.) Perhaps in a feeble attempt to diffuse political labels and hatreds, when the National Convention met, the president’s chair had been set up on the opposite side of the Riding School, so the high benches where the radicals had set were now on his right. 1,837 more words


CULTURE & Christ: 3 Steps to Understanding Their Relationship #OrganicChurchbook

Christ & Culture: 3 Lessons to Consider

© Bob Whitesel

Lesson 1:

Carefully investigate and examine elements of a culture. Since modern culture is constantly adjusting and metamorphosing, the task of translating the Good News without surrendering its truth or disfiguring it is paramount and ongoing. 1,077 more words


Practical reasons to be a Catholic Monarchist

Why would anyone seriously advocate a Catholic Monarchy for the United States? Let’s look at a hypothetical survey:

So, our first issue is that it takes a certain amount of gall, courage, or even madness to suggest the Monarchy in the face of such overwhelming odds. 1,057 more words


Totalitarian Democracy vs the Freedom of the Catholic Monarchy

“Athens alone, with a wiser policy and more far-seeing leadership, could have led the way to ordered liberty for all of Hellas; but she did not.

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10 Most Influential Book List Thingy

About a month ago, I was tagged by some friends to list my ten favorite books (or something along those lines). I can’t remember too much from middle school, but I am pretty sure that if I don’t respond to tags like this then my love life will be cursed forever (or something along those lines). 322 more words

Culture Wars

BOOK REVIEWS/REPLIES (2014): Gaiman, Kieth, Dringenberg, Jones III, Bachalo, Zulli, Parkhouse, Jones, Vess, Doran, and McKean’s (2006) Absolute Sandman (volume 1)

Summary (TLDR Version)

Neil Gaiman : Alan Moore :: Nine Inch Nails : Skinny Puppy.

Framing/Background for Replies

If you’ve read this section previously, you can skip it. 2,382 more words

Book Reviews