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"What Is The GOP Thinking?": The Nation Will Have To Stand By Until Realists And Ideologues Reach Some Sort Of Understanding

There they go again. Given control of Congress and the chance to frame an economic agenda for the middle class, the first thing Republicans do is tie themselves in knots over .  726 more words


What's your price?

We’ve all heard the story, attributed to various writers, of the British humorist sitting next to the beautiful woman at the banquet and asking, “Would you sleep with me for 1 million pounds?” “Of course!” “Would you sleep with me for 10 pounds?” “What kind of woman do you think I am?” “We’ve established that; now we’re just haggling over price.” 1,004 more words

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"For Our Lady. For the Monarchy." We not only need a new driver - we need a new road.

As I drove down the highway the other day, it occurred to me that our current political system in the United States and the western Republics in general is akin to being in a high speed car that is swerving “left” and then “right” and then “left” again as two people attempt to take control of the wheel. 587 more words


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North Carolina Democratic Party candidate called transgender opponent ‘a man’ at forum

A forum between North Carolina Democratic Party chair hopefuls came to an awkward pause when a candidate called her transgender challenger “a man.”

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The Yemen "Success" Story In Flames

Malcolm Pollack wrote an excellent post on the Houthi coup in Yemen, “Rock and Roll, Houthi Coup”.  Malcolm compiled the pertinent facts  on Yemen being another  Muslim failed state, clinging to the edge of the cliff – economic despair, a population reliant on government for its basic needs, a water supply imperiled by khat production, and internecine fighting.   757 more words


Clarity Ex Nihilo: The Devolving Origins Debate and the Search for a Punctuated Equilibrium

Given my recent history with Bryan College–I graduated with the class of 2014–and my relative sensitivity to pressing issues within Evangelical circles, I’ve had both the pleasure and torture of being exposed to the ongoing, and many times polarizing, debate between “Creationists” and “Theistic Evolutionists.” And as I’ve surveyed the arguments, and witnessed the appalling aftermath of these debates at Bryan College, I’ve come to see that the battle between these two positions on origins is being fought in many of the wrong places; and the places for which this debate could really do some good are frequently left alone. 2,328 more words