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The Padaung Women of Myanmar

The Padaung are a subgroup of the Karen minority group in Myanmar. They are known for the wearing of brass neck coils. Girls start to wear the coils around the age of 5; It is said that the women do so in order to enhance their beauty. 9 more words


Featured Photo of the Day " Snorkeling in the Cayman Islands"

Snorkeling on the East End of the Cayman Islands, once voted one of the top 10 islands in the Caribbean.

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You're Making Too Much Noise!

For those of you who haven’t had the chance learn the proper etiquette, I think we all need to practice our quiet water-fountain-drinking skills. Our professors’ ears are gentle!


Part of a sadly continuing series

Via sci-fi author Larry Correia:

However, it comes as a shock to reasonable people on the left when so emboldened the SJWs begin to do the same thing to people on their own side.

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Don't Believe the Nostalgia Machine: 1994 Was a Shitty Year for Music

It’s a strange thing to see an era you remember being regurgitated by the nostalgia machine. The last couple of years have been a constant stream of early-’90s anniversaries: … 941 more words


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"The dogs of war [were] unleashed week after week after week to attack me..."

… or so says John Waters here.

‘Tsunami’s of hatred’, ‘an ideological dimension’, ‘sinister developments’, ‘alert the Irish people to what’s happening’, ‘your freedom is at stake’, ‘what happens to the Irish Times isn’t a domestic matter, it’s a matter for the Irish people’, ‘a mob on twitter are dictating what is happening’, ‘lack of support’, ‘condescension’, ‘why should I have to endure this kind of abuse from people for expressing my opinion’, ‘I’m saying to them ‘wake up’, your newspapers and media are being taken over’, ‘the chanting mobs on twitter’…

And more… and more… and…