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Things in Italy I will never forget

Leaving Florence is going to be tough, I have had the most amazing time ever, I have really enjoyed my work, met some fantastic people and been to some pretty incredible places! 786 more words


The Church of England and Community Organising.


This blog post is me thinking aloud, but please feel free to add comment.

Recently, Andy Flannagan, Director of Christians on the Left, posted a video that is doing the rounds on Youtube, which challenges people to show up during the next election, but also in terms of christians engaging with society on a wider level (follow the link above). 298 more words


A Christian Perspective on Abortion

While at work, out of curiosity, I searched the web to see how many abortions have occurred since the Roe vs. Wade trial in 1973. The number floored me. 815 more words


How to Fail to Make a Point in Saudi Arabia

Michelle Obama’s decision to not wear a headscarf whilst in Saudi Arabia was expected to cause uproar, but relatively few people have spoken out in condemnation. 698 more words


The Next Great Moment In History Is Ours, 1970.

My Caravan, 1990