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My Top 10 Lessons in Making Organizational Change Succeed

This week at work I heard the phrase “just because you didn’t plan well, that doesn’t make it my emergency.”  It brought me back to my last job where seemingly everything was an emergency due to lack of planning. 734 more words


"It's the peace and security." Um Imad, Um Naeem

“Quite honestly, it’s the peace and security.  Knowing that our kids and our families are living in a safe place is what we can be thankful for.   25 more words


A compatibility test for humanists

After my recent post on marriage, some single friends at a party Saturday night asked me how, if marriage is such a risky venture, they should know if the person they are currently dating is a good match? 567 more words


Turning Back

One of the parts of my recent trip to Junin was a visit to the lake in Paca (known as a lagoon in Spanish, though I’m pretty sure that’s not what it is). 871 more words


Happy Anniversary, Learning Lowell

Checking in on the blog last week I had a little orange notification from wordpress: Learning Lowell is one year old. Time flies when you’re blogging! 650 more words