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Sybil wa a fake

At one point, Mason tried to set things straight. She wrote a letter to Wilbur admitting that she had been lying: “I do not really have any multiple personalities,” she wrote.

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Biblical Counseling

University of Kentucky 83, UCLA 44 by Robert Gore

The number one Kentucky Wildcats basketball took a 24-0 lead en route to a 41-7 halftime lead over the UCLA Bruins and the 83-44 final score. 492 more words


ra ra ra

i found this today:

“fuck the gov the police the banks the corp the laws we as human beings have to be the stupidest fucking beings on earth we have let them turn us into slaves and then make us spend are money that we slaved for and buy their poison food and watch their poison news and let them tell us what we can and can not do and people just think thay have to do what we are told by the cops dosent eny one smart eknoghf to not lysen to them stand up we all want change but are you doing anything no just sitting around being manipulated into doing what thay say insted wake up wake the fuck up so did you know that as far as cops go you don’t have to anser anything they ask don’t have to identify your self cuz are you the contract bill jones for example or are u human on earth… 161 more words


Best books for children 2014

Here are my favourites from this year. What did you enjoy?





Looking forward to lots more new books in 2015!


Children's Literature