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Good Girl/Bad Girl

The Good Girl/Bad Girl Dichotomy Sucks

It was a punch in the gut when, two years ago, an acquaintance told me how surprised he was that my daughter was so well behaved and fun to play with. 315 more words


Setting the Standard

If I conduct myself with respect, those outside will understand that respect is the condition for engaging me.


Another fun collection of wine chalkboards and signs

As a follow-on from A fun collection of wine chalkboards, here is an updated collection sourced from our recent tweets and Instagram posts.  We would love to credit the originators of these but sadly this has mostly been lost through time unless marked somewhere on the image.




What is an Adventskranz you ask? It’s an Advent wreath. This small wreath has four candles on it. Each candle signifies one of the four Sundays before Christmas. 75 more words


You don’t hear me doe…

IF “Black” lives matter let’s make them EXPENSIVE..COSTLY by organizing communal defense units to defend them. If “Black” dollars matter let’s make them difficult to earn and take away from the community by investing in our own economic enterprises.

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You and Your Racist Friend

I have long loved They Might Be Giants. The song “Your Racist Friend” is one of my favorite song by TMBG, partially because experiences in life often (sadly) remind me of the narrative in the song. 283 more words


The Scamp and Latvia

I made a mistake when I was in Helsinki….I didn’t have a plan. I thought I was part of a tour group, when really the tour company provided an hour long tour around the city and then dropped us off in the shopping district for 8 hours. 608 more words

Ed.D Phase