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Today Was a Good Day: Run the Jewels 2 Drops

El-P warned us and like the unexpected release from a unidentified drone, the sequel to one of 2013’s best rap releases dropped this morning and true indeed, its one of 2014’s best. 305 more words

Current Events

Depression and Mindfulness: My 'Rewire Me' Essay

To beat back the Great Bleakness that is clinical depression takes a lot of falling sick. For the depressive, there is often no choice about sinking into despair—darkness so overpowering that it would shock the uninitiated. 121 more words


The Power of Love

In “A Child is Born” a great photographic look on life inside the womb, Lennart Nilson and Lars Hamberger begin their work with love: 1,031 more words


Ferns! Ferns everywhere!

The silver fern is NZ’s national symbol — so it comes as no surprise that you will see its image absolutely everywhere! 174 more words



Welcome back.  After a week or so away due to mid semester what-nots, this weeks topic explores the topic of the usefulness of fiction as a cultural teaching tool and emotional intelligence honer, particularly mass absorbed and available forms of fiction in the form of sitcom style animation.   1,110 more words

Media Honesty

Cheers to Cheers

British people say cheers all. the. time. and it’s making me feel like an alcoholic. As an American, I’m used to saying cheers and hearing cheers only when making a toast in celebration of something. 111 more words


Why Care About Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is the use or theft of aesthetics, rituals, and behavior from a minority culture, often without an understanding of the meanings behind them. Cultural appropriation is a function of privilege. 285 more words

Queer Health Resource Guide