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Dragons part three (research)

So the drawing stops for a little while, and the searching for references begin.

I’m looking at the history, legends and myth’s of dragons so I can refine my concept, (this also helps with the Artist statement later). 170 more words



Nehi orange, Mr. Pibbs,
Dr. Brown’s, Barq’s root beer fizz,
Coke, and Pepsi (in diet, too!),
Fanta, Fresca, Mountain Dew.
Dr. Pepper is the oldest, 43 more words

Purple's Home

Diversity Among the United States

During my social work education, I was puzzled at the assumption that, aside from gender and sexual orientation, “diversity” mostly had to do with skin color, especially of brown and black varieties. 1,479 more words

Social Work


for every race
and every creed
He came


Visit an organic finca in the low zone of Miraflor, Estelí, Nicaragua

If you truly want to experience Nicaragua you have to visit this amazing family in Miraflor.

For only 20 dollars a night I got a bed and the best food I have tasted for long. 207 more words