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A Fibonacci of the World

rage across
the earth,
adding to nightmares
of fire, flood, earthquake, mudslide,
disappearing planes, sinking ferries, and school violence.
We poison our planet, fail to protect our children, and crash                                                               the moon’s side on purpose. 44 more words

Purple's Home

Weird Chicago

I was just a kid when I heard the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was caused my Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. Since then, I have gained a healthy respect for our Second City, though I like it as my first city. 344 more words


Hijos de Maíz – La importancia del maíz para los nicaragüenses

El maíz es un grano que ha sido unos de los alimentos básico en la cocina nicaragüense desde los primeros indígenas. Efectivamente el hombre es creido de una mazorca blanca y una mazorca amarillo según el Popol Vuh, que es una colleción de historias religiosas de los mayas. 774 more words


news for apr 23

1. Japan to be the engine of growth for Asia. (yeah, what is China going to say about that?)

2. America and Japan fail to come to a basic agreement in the TPP free trade talks. 37 more words


An Extra Special Quality of Food Cultures

Loving Your Cultures

I love my cultures and microbes that kick around my kitchen. In fact, I have gotten so used to them being around I made them a special cabinet. 450 more words

About babies and giving...

I’ve always had this weird habit of trying to interpret words or signs or symbols in different ways. Or ponder about the different things they could mean. 557 more words


Michigan, Last But Not Least

Well, my quest to visit all FIFTY, the so-called Nifty Fifty, has finally ended, or shall we say peaked with the state of Michigan. Though I may have changed planes here (back in the Eighties) with a now defunct airline, like Northwest Orient, I doubt I would have deplaned or even left the airport. 502 more words