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These feelings are coming again. i havent fapped for over a week now, and im struggling. i lay on my stomach on my bed. i can feel the muscles connecting at the base of my penis contracting as my penis presses upon the mattress. 116 more words


This is a pamphlet I’ve done for a publisher.


Infertile body

I want to be fucked. I want to be fucked so hard that I get pregnant. My body has not been designed for this.

I have that ugly cock between my legs and my whole body disgusts me. 390 more words


The Big Girl's Guide to Orgasms...

Everybody wants one, not everyone knows how to get/give one. Why is it so complicated? Because despite the fact that we see sex EVERYWHERE, we are still a fairly repressed society. 672 more words



I wipe the cum off my chest with a tissue as I feel the sweet endorphins of sex rush through my body. Here I am again laying on the couch looking up at the sky prepared to tell a little more of my story. 187 more words