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Babe I'm Bout To Come

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Bài thuốc chữa cảm cúm từ rau mùi tàu

Rau mùi tàu thường được sử dụng làm gia vị giúp ngon miệng, tiêu hóa tốt. Là cây thảo sống hàng năm hay vài năm, có thân mọc đứng, phân nhánh ở ngọn, cao 15 – 50 cm. 739 more words

A Bitch Can Smell Another Bitch

Last night I did something I never did before. I slept with a married man…in the bed he shares with his wife. He messaged me drunk while I was closing up at work and I honestly had zero intention to follow through with… 699 more words

a documentary film about young gay love & the shadow of HIV

Why I Refuse to Eat Cadbury Eggs

Every year at Easter, when I was a kid, my parents would leave out a commercially-prepared basket of cheap plastic toys and sweets, one for me, one for my older sibling, to find on Easter Sunday morning.  611 more words

My Illusive G-Spot

I think I’ve made it pretty clear in my earlier posts that my sexual experience prior to meeting Master was very vanilla – even less than vanilla. 172 more words


So I think this might be considered as “sci fi” comic strip. Again idea was shared with one of my members – the same guy is helping me with my other website - http://mydirtydrawings.net/ – which is FREE to see, so come along and check it out too! But still …