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LOMM's TV Choice #Millionty Eight

Sky Living. 21.00: As Good As It Gets.

Simon Cowell and Justin Bieber are nailed to a motorway slow lane as a 20 stone man rumbles towards them driving a spiked steamroller. 19 more words


Dear Cunty People Of This Fucking T-Shirt

What the fucking fuckity fuck is that shit???
Who would actually spend their hard earned pennies on that embarrassing turd niblet??
I’m not even going to apologise for the shitty picture because it actually doesn’t deserve my best photography skills. 17 more words


You're All Cunts

To my ex wife
To my ex girlfriends
To my current girl

You’re all cunts.

To the 2nd AC who spent the afternoon watching the World Cup… 615 more words


Stink box.

It’s the greatest sexual faux pas for a female. One I always thought was kind of trivial, manageable and not that big a deal. I’ve been wrong before however. 401 more words

5 Reasons You Should Stop Reading Lists That Start With Unusual Numbers Like 23.

Here is the latest craze amongst social media… Lists.

Now these lists are nothing so awesome. They are just list of things you do. Similar to the fan pages that everyone plagued Facebook with in 2008 that used to appear on your news feed “Dave liked Sleeping Whilst Hugging a Pillow”. 489 more words


Smashing Islam

Together we can still do it as i speak 92 thousand Muslim extremists in tower hamlets ere plotting against us they want to enslave us to there barbarian laws which as we all no is sharia a law that if becomes law as in time it will just look at the major cities in uk we have 6 lord Mayers who are practicing Muslims please don’t think in time it will go away as it wont sharia law is hear to stay