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Team news + Wenger's presser

Hi and welcome to a very welcomed Friday, where we wish the train’s fuel runs low and the captain decides to take a very long break on this decorated, posh and pristine station ‘Friday’, where he indulges himself in… 476 more words

Word Of The Moment #3

TRIGGER WARNING: This post does contain 2 (two) instances of what is widely considered to be the most offensive word in the English language (but that’s not the Word Of The Moment). 255 more words


Brighton preview: Trolls, trolls, go away

A quite remarkable day yesterday. A day where Chelsea, Mancity and Spurs all lost at home. At home to Bradford, Middlesbrough, and Leicester respectively. Hilarious. A day which also saw Southampton lose to a Sanogo-Chamakh inspired Crystal Palace, and also Swansea losing, capped off with Liverpool drawing. 424 more words

What's the worst part of Heavy Metal........

Alright, now before you all get on my back about things, I’ve never subscribed to music genres. As far as I’m concerned, music falls into two different camps, stuff I like and stuff I don’t like. 1,463 more words


Game Over Cunt

This is your Captain speaking……welcome aboard fuckers!!!!

It’s been a fucking while, I’m drinking some Hurricane Malt Liquor so get ready for some fucked up grammar, misspellings, and all kinds of other editing fuck ups! 444 more words

Avoid Marriage

Man City preview: Are we up for it?

A massive game today, nevertheless put into context after Spurs, Manutd and Southampton won yesterday.

Should we lose, it would once again send us spiralling down into that abyss of frustration and discontent amongst the supporters. 465 more words

Friday roundup

Hi and welcome to a very other ordinary day at Arsenal Football Club, where we undergo the monthly routine of sending players out into desert battlefields to survive in the harsh weathers for 3 months so that they can come back fitter, stronger and more adaptable. 415 more words