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How to Never Ever Get What You Really Want

she held my hand. we were stood in the woods. there was no one around. we were 10 years old. She had bleach blonde hair and big blue eyes. 588 more words


Mini Post: Never Let Some People Suggest A Place for Brunch

Because the place they choose will be the flagship restaurant of an Iron Chef which bears the name of said Iron Chef.

I hate being poor.

New York City

A toothy cunt

In my experience trusting someone who is not your lover can be catastrophic. I am no stranger to being cut loose from a woman. I am starting to think that there are no trustworthy women in the world at all. 1,212 more words


People are ungrateful cunts and it is better to let them dwell in their misery rather than wasting your time helping them. In the end, when they get better, they tend to show the real fuckers they were from the start. 25 more words

What It Taught Me.

Dear Cunty People Of Walking So Fucking Slowly:

You either need to fucking walk faster or get the fucking cunting hell out of the fucking way of people who actually do want to get somewhere!!!
Fuck sake.

K, thanks.


Dear Cunty People Of Car Dealerships

Stop fucking selling cunts big fuck off cars without first fucking checking that they can drive/park them without being a fucking menacing arsehole.
Fuck fucking sake!

K thanks.