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To the shit on your souls. Felonious, fucked up and facile faeces. You fucks!


Facebook groups : Trolling 101

So in the area I live, there is a Facebook group for residents. This seems to be a popular thing now as a few friends have also told me where they live has a Facebook group. 230 more words


A Cunt By Any Other Name Would Smell

I recently caused some commotion when I called someone a cunt. The term was directed towards a female. I’ve heard it more often directed towards males. 575 more words


[296] things I know

You are an asshole.
A cruel, vindictive, selfish—
Misanthropic bitch.

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Fuck you, just fuck you

The woman who works personnel here is such a flaming bitch, she thinks she can boss us all around and act like a hot shot just because she’s personnel. 26 more words


You stupid old bitch

I work with this woman who is absolutely one of the most infuriating people I’ve encountered in my life. She’s been here like 30 fucking years so of course she doesn’t get reprimanded for anything because she has seniority and that’s all Walmart fucking cares about. 183 more words


How to Never Ever Get What You Really Want

she held my hand. we were stood in the woods. there was no one around. we were 10 years old. She had bleach blonde hair and big blue eyes. 588 more words